Phoenix Dancong, who can’t drink

Which kind of tea Phoenix Dancong can not drinkPhoenixDan Cong TeaIt is a very famous tea in Chaozhou, Guangzhou, with a long drinking historyPhoenix DancongTea belongs toOolong teaOne of them, Phoenix Dancong tea has an oily yellow-brown luster by nature, especially after brewing Phoenix Dancong tea, it will immediately show a refreshing and strong taste, and the regain speed of Phoenix is ​​extremely fast. Dan Cong tea, therefore, also obtained the “Geographical Indication Product of the General Administration of Quality Supervision, Inspection and Quarantine”. Such a good Phoenix Dan Cong tea is not suitable for drinking. Who can not drink Phoenix Dan Cong? The related information about Phoenix Dan Cong tea Side effects and contraindications, take a look immediately.

Phoenix Dancong, who can't drink


Phoenix Dancong, who can’t drinkContraindication to excessive drinkingBecause Phoenix Dancong tea is a kind of tea with more exciting taste and tea quality, and in terms of drinking taste, the bitter taste of Phoenix Dancong tea is stronger, which is more sensitive to bitter tastes. , Is not very friendly, so it is recommended that you do not excessively drink Phoenix Dancong tea, otherwise it is easy to cause difficulty in eating, or it has psychological side effects that are resistant to Phoenix Dancong tea.
    Taboo for insomniaPhoenix Dancong tea contains a single amountCoffeeAlkali, this is conducive to the use of Phoenix Dancong tea to play a refreshing effect, but if it is for people with insomnia and dreams, it is not possible to drink Phoenix Dancong tea, especially before going to bed. Tea, otherwise, it will easily aggravate the symptoms of insomnia, and poor rest will cause the physical condition to become worse.    
    Contraindications for pregnant womenIn Phoenix Dancong tea, many medical experts have also detected that there are many cold substances in Phoenix Dancong tea, so pregnant women should not drink Phoenix Dancong tea, otherwise you will easily have side effects such as abdominal discomfort and pain. Except that pregnant women cannot drink Phoenix Dancong tea, women who are in their menstrual period or breastfeeding women are not suitable for drinking Phoenix Dancong tea.
Regarding who should not drink Phoenix Dancong tea, the side effects of Phoenix Dancong tea and related taboos, let me talk about it first. When you drink Phoenix Dancong tea, remember to pay attention to the relevant taboos and avoid drinking Phoenix. The minefield of Dan Cong Tea.    

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