The efficacy and role of calendula chrysanthemum tea

What is the price of oolong teaCalendulascented teaIt is a very distinctive flower tea. It has a pleasant aroma and golden color, which is particularly liked by many people.

The efficacy and role of calendula chrysanthemum tea

CalendulaChrysanthemum teaIt will have a bitter taste on the taste, but we can add honey and drink it together, so that it is not only effective but also has a strong health effect.

The efficacy and role of calendula chrysanthemum tea1. Anti-inflammatory and pain-relievingCalendula chrysanthemum tea can eliminate damp and heat in the human body, can dispel fire very well, and can effectively reduce inflammation and relieve pain.Calendula chrysanthemum tea can also promote wound healing, and it can also help us relieve stomach pain and gastric ulcers. In addition, it can also eliminate some inflammatory viruses in the intestinal tract, which can speed up blood circulation. It has a very good anti-inflammatory and analgesic effect.
    2. BeautyCalendula chrysanthemum tea contains a variety of vitamins and minerals that the human body needs. If you regularly drink calendula chrysanthemum tea, these substances can be well absorbed by the body.It can nourish the skin very well, make the skin tender, and can also reduce the skin spots and wrinkles, which can achieve a good beauty and beauty effect.    
    3. Relieve abdominal painCalendula chrysanthemum tea is mild in nature, can pass menstruation and promote blood circulation, and has a good effect of relieving abdominal pain during menstruation.If women have abdominal pain and discomfort during the special period of menstruation, they can drink some calendula chrysanthemum tea to relieve it. Calendula chrysanthemum tea can quickly help relieve the abdominal pain and can quickly reduce the effect of abdominal pain. .
    4. Lose weight effectivelyCalendula chrysanthemum tea can also be effective for weight loss. Regular drinking of calendula chrysanthemum tea can speed up the decomposition of excess fat in the body, effective metabolism, and can help clear some toxins and junk substances in the body. It is very good. It reduces the body’s weight, and thus obviously loses weight, which is very effective in losing weight.

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