The efficacy and function of Wuyi Rock Tea

The Efficacy and Function of Leaf Tea Tea Wuyi Rock TeaWuyiRock teaIt is a traditional Chinese tea with the quality characteristics of Yanyun (rock bone flower fragrance)Oolong tea.

The efficacy and function of Wuyi Rock Tea

Tea trees grow in the crevices of the Wuyi Mountains in the “southeast of Xiujia” in northern Fujian, Fujian.

Wuyi RockTea sethaveGreen teaThe fragrance,Black teaThe sweetness is the best among Chinese oolong tea.
    Wuyi Rock TeaSemi-fermentedGreen tea, The production method is between green tea and black tea.The most famous Wuyi Rock Tea isDahongpaoTea.The famous tea rock production area of ​​Wuyi Rock is within the scenic area of ​​Wuyishan City, with an area of ​​70km2.The morphological feature of Wuyi Yancha is that the leaf tip is twisted, resembling the head of a dragonfly, and the color is iron-green with brown oily. The inner structure is lively, sweet, clear and fragrant.There is a clear scent of rock bone.
    Tea name: Wuyi Rock TeaMarket price: 199-2999 yuanTea category: green tea
    Tea leavesFeatures: dark green, sand greenTaste: smooth, sweet and refreshing development historyIn the Shang and Zhou Dynasties, Wuyi tea was offered to the King of Zhou Wu when the leader of the “Pu Min clan” was in the alliance to cut down.In the Western Han Dynasty, Wuyi tea has begun to become famous.
    During the Yuanhe period of the Tang Dynasty (806-820 AD), Sun Qiao’s “Late Ganhou” mentioned in “Send Tea and Jiao Xing Bushu” was the earliest written record of the alias of Wuyi tea.
    In the Song Dynasty, Chinese tea-making technology entered a reform period, and the trend of drinking tea prevailed, and tea became an indispensable thing in people’s daily life.There are no less than a hundred kinds of tea from various localities, and there are dozens of kinds of tribute tea alone.At this time, Wuyi tea was also part of Beiyuan tribute tea and was shipped to Jianzhou for tribute.
    The rulers of the Yuan Dynasty were addicted to tea and had a good taste of tea.Wuyi tea became the first choice, so Wuyi tea officially became tribute tea in the Yuan Dynasty.
In the sixth year of Yuan Dade (1302), in order to supervise the production of tribute tea, the imperial court specially set up the “Imperial Tea Garden” on the banks of the Siqu River in Wuyi Mountain. At that time, Wuyi tea paid a large amount of tribute, and it lasted 255 years, which objectively expanded the selection of Wuyi tea. Influence.    In the 24th year of Hongwu in the Ming Dynasty (1391), Emperor Zhu Yuanzhang ordered the tea production area to prohibit steamingTuan ChaIn the late Ming and early Qing dynasties, due to the continuous innovation of processing and frying methods and continuous exploration in the process of making tea, Oolong tea appeared.
    The Qing Dynasty was a period of comprehensive development of Wuyi Rock Tea.The Wuyi Tea Area not only produced Wuyi Rock Tea, Black Tea, and Green Tea, but also had many famous ancestors.
    In the early days of the founding of New China, agrarian reform was implemented, and the tea hills were distributed to farmers, and individual production was carried out by households.Since then, a mutual aid group was established, and farmers produced joint households, which expanded the scale of processing, and the output of rock tea reached 3,000 quintals.
    In 1958, the People’s Commune was established, and the farmer Chashan was owned by the collective, and the production team was used as the accounting for production and distribution.
    In the 17th century, Wuyi tea began to be exported.In 1607, the Dutch East India Company purchased Wuyi tea for the first time through Java and sold it to all parts of Europe.Decades later, Wuyi tea has developed into a daily essential beverage for some Europeans. At that time, some Europeans called Wuyi tea “Chinese tea”.“Bohea” in Britain’s earliest tea literature means the transliteration of “Wu Yi”.At that time, in the London market, the price of Wuyi tea was higher than that of Zhejiang Zhucha, and it was the top Chinese tea.    Since the 1820s, Wuyi tea has been tested in some countries in Asia, Africa and the United States, and it has been settled in more than 30 countries.In the 1980s, Wuyi tea was popular in Dongying again, and it was regarded as a bodybuilding tea and dumped countless beauties.How to brew Wuyi rock teaone,Make teaAppliancePrepare a set of special tea sets for oolong tea (the brewing pot should be 90-150 mlPurple Clay TeapotOr Sancai Cup).
    Second, the amount of teaThe brewing pot is about 1/2 of the volume (1/3-2/3).
3. Water for making teaTake mountain spring water as the top, clean river water and pure water as medium, and tap water with high hardness or obvious chlorine gas is not available; the water temperature needs to be opened and soaked; the water temperature is lower than 95 degrees or the water that has been continuously boiled for a long time is slightly inferior .It is best to equip with “hand-made bubble”.    Four, soaking timeSoak for 1 to 3 soaks for 10-20 seconds, and add 10-20 seconds to the soaking time for each additional soak.The principle of adjusting the soaking time is that the color of the soup from 1 to 7 is basically the same, and more than 10 bubbles can be brewed.The number of brews is related to the soaking time.
Five, intensity adjustmentDo it with the amount of tea.If it needs to be lighter, the amount of tea poured is less than 1/3-1/2 of the volume of the brewing pot, and if it needs to be thicker, the amount of tea poured is more than 1/2-2/3 of the volume of the brewing pot.    Six, tea tasting essentialsRock tea has a mellow taste, rich connotation, and a special “rock rhyme”.The characteristics of tea tree varieties can be reflected in the taste; the aroma is high or long, the high is rich, the long is distant, the fragrance is diversified, such as floral, fruity or frankincense, dense fragrance, etc.; smell the fragrance first when tasting tea , Try its taste again, and repeat it several times.Smell the fragrance including smell of dry tea, lid fragrance, water fragrance, cup bottom fragrance, leaf bottom fragrance, etc.; when tasting, the tea soup must be fully contacted with various parts of the mouth and tongue, and repeated several times, carefully feeling the tea soup Full body and various characteristics, comprehensively judge the characteristics and taste of tea.The efficacy and function of Wuyi Rock Tea1. Improve immunityTea can improve the proliferation response of splenic lymphocytes stimulated by CONA, protect and adjust N-methyl-N-nitro-N-nitroso-N-nitroso vein (MNNG) to cause immune function and improve disease resistance in the body.
    2. Anti-agingIn teaTea polyphenols, Improve the vitality of whole blood (GSH-PX), help to remove biological free radicals in the body, reduce damage, and delay the aging of the human body.
    3. Anti-cancerTea Cui N-Methyl-N-Nitro-N-Nitroso-N-N-N-N-N-N-N-N-N-N-N-N-N-nitroso-N-N-NNG has an inhibitory effect on the induction of malignant tumors in the intestines and prevents cancer.
4. Prevention and treatment of cardiovascular diseaseTea can reduce the plaque and content of the intima of the aorta, reduce the fragility of capillaries, and increase resistance.Tea polyphenol compounds reduce blood cholesterol and triglyceride content, reduce lipid deposition, and have obvious effects on the decrease of blood viscosity, reduction of blood hypercoagulability, and prevention of thrombosis.    5. Protect the urinary organsTea contains flavonols and glycoside compounds, which can diuresis, inhibit renal tubular reabsorption, and promote fluoride excretion.At the same time, 6.8-dilipoic acid has a therapeutic effect on cardiac edema, hepatic edema and pregnancy-induced edema.
6. Health care of digestive organsIn teaCatechuVegetarianIt has astringent effect on the gastric mucosa, appropriately inhibits the secretion of gastric juice, and has a protective effect on the stomach.    
7. Health care for teethThe content of fluorine in tea is 27.3-146.6PPM. This appropriate content of fluorine can prevent dental caries and enhance bone toughness.    8. Prevent eye diseaseCarotene B-ionone in tea is provitamin A, which can be converted into vitamin A. Vitamin A can prevent epithelial keratinization and proliferation of lacrimal cells, prevent corneal corneal thickening, and prevent eye diseases.
9. Weight loss and beautyDue to the reduction of blood lipids, cholesterol and triglycerides, it promotes the activity of pancreatic fat decomposition enzymes, inhibits the increase of neutral fat, and achieves weight loss and beauty effects.    10. In addition to the above functions, Wuyi Rock Tea has quenching thirst, eliminating diseases, cooling and detoxifying, exciting the nerve center, reducing fatigue, sobering up, relieving tincture, precipitating harmful ions, anti-inflammatory and sterilizing, inhibiting viruses, anti-radiation, and curing internal and external damage caused by radiation. And other effects.Tea characteristicsThe shape is curved, and the color is dark brown or dark green, or sand green, or bluish brown, or tinge.The strips are tightly knotted, or thin or strong, and the soup is orange-yellow to golden, clear and bright.The aroma is floral and fruity, while Rui is strong and long, and clear is distant, or it is like peach, orchid, osmanthus, frankincense and so on.The taste is mellow, smooth, sweet and refreshing, with a unique “rock rhyme”.The bottom of the leaf is soft and bright, with green leaves and red borders, or red spots on the leaf edges.Wuyi Rock Tea Processing TechnologyThe production process of Wuyi rock tea belongs to the production of oolong tea, which is different fromTaiwan Oolong TeaPursuing fresh light fermentation and light roasting, Anxi Oolong tea pursues floral deep fermentation and low roasting, and adopts deep fermentation and heavy roasting.
Green (withered)Let the bitter water of the tea be lost, and achieve the purpose of highlighting the aroma and taste.Usually people call this process withering or greening.In the process of making green, the processes of watering, shaking, waiting for green, and fermentation are alternately carried out, which is complicated for many times.The purpose of shaking the green is to promote the friction of the leaf edge, which can make the water loss faster.Waiting for the green is the process of letting the water lose, and it will ferment under the action of temperature and humidity, promote the conversion of phenolic substances in tea, and achieve the purpose of mellow aroma.    It is necessary to determine the number of shakes according to the transformation factors of the tea green, the speed of shaking, how long to shake, how long to wait, etc., and how to shake according to the weather and humidity.After the green is finished, pile the tea leaves together. The purpose of this can further make the tea taste more mellow. This time is relatively short.
    dryingThe tea factory uses firewood to heat it, which has an extra smoke and incense than the oil and gas burning methods used, and it is found that the smoke is fragrant.
The drying technology seems simple, and the temperature control is the key. It is necessary to pay attention to how much temperature is used to roast the tea to a few percent.Knead by heat, it looks like a shape, in fact, the remaining tea juice is squeezed out during the kneading process, forming a “frost” on the surface of the tea, which is also the main source of taste for smelling the dry tea.    RoastingWuyi Rock Tea is halfFermented tea, In the process of processing, there is also a special production process-baking.Traditional rock tea has a high fire power. If you drink it immediately after baking, it will feel dry if the fire is not removed, so it is generally stored for a period of time before drinking, so that the taste will be more mellow.Moreover, the roasted tea can not only stabilize and improve the quality of the tea, but also can be stored for a long time.Storage method of Wuyi rock tea1. Choose a tea box with a double-layer iron lid. It should not be too full. Put in a desiccant and cover the iron lid in layers;2. Use a dark glass bottle, put tea and desiccant, close the lid and seal with paraffin, store in a cool and dark place3. Choose a dry thermos bottle and seal it;4. For short-term storage, wrap it in clean paper and put it in a double-layer plastic bag;5. Store in the refrigerator, the best temperature is between 0~10℃, can not be put together with soap or sugar;6, mold, do not dry, put it in the pot for about 10 minutes to restore, the pot should be clean, and the fire should not be too large;7.It should be dry, clean, protected from light, low temperature, and low oxygen; avoid high moisture content, contact with peculiar smell, light exposure, high temperature environment, and exposure to air.Distinguishing the quality of Wuyi rock teaaromaThe lasting fragrance is the top, the weaker and faster fragrance is the bottom, and the strange smell is bad (this is easy to determine the strange smell in the tea)Tea soupThe small change in concentration is the top priority, and the large change in the concentration is inferior.
TasteThe quality of tea is distinguished by the strength of bitterness.    Back to GanFeel the quality of tea by the degree of change in the rhyme of Sanshui.historical storyLegend has it that in ancient times, there was a poor scholar who went to Beijing to take the exam. When passing by Wuyi Mountain, he fell ill on the road. Fortunately, he was seen by the old abbot of Tianxin Temple. , And was also recruited as the Dongbei Ma.One spring day, the champion came to Wuyi Mountain to give thanks. Accompanied by the old abbot, he screamed and hugged and reached the Nine Dragons. However, he saw three tall tea trees growing on the cliff with luxuriant branches and clusters of tender buds. There was a purple-red luster underneath, and it was really cute.The old abbot said that if you suffer from bloating, you can cure it by making tea with this kind of tea.A long time ago, whenever the tea tree sprouted in spring, the monkeys would be called for a group of monkeys, put on red pants, climbed up the cliff to pick tea leaves, fried them and stored them, which can cure all diseases.The champion heard the request to collect a box of tribute to the emperor.On the second day, the temple burned incense, candles, drums and bells, and summoned monks and monks to march towards the Nine Dragon Pond.Everyone came to burn incense under the tea tree, shouting in unison, “Tea sprouts!” Then they picked the buds and leaves, crafted them, and put them into tin boxes.After the champion brought tea to Beijing, he encountered the queen with a stomachache and swelling and was bedridden.The champion immediately offered tea for the queen to take, and as expected, the tea was cured.The emperor was overjoyed and handed a big red robe to the champion and asked him to go to Wuyi Mountain to seal the reward on his own behalf.Along the way, the salute was blasted and the candles were bright. When they arrived at the Jiulongyu, the champion ordered a woodman to climb halfway up the mountain and put the big red robe given by the emperor on the tea tree to show the emperor’s grace.It is strange to say that when the Da Hong Pao was opened, the buds and leaves of the three tea trees flashed red in the sun, and everyone said that the Da Hong Pao was dyed red.Later, people called these three tea plants “Dahongpao”.Someone also engraved the three characters “Dahongpao” on the stone wall.Since then, Dahongpao has become a tribute tea every year.

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