The correct method of soaking Tieguanyin

The correct brewing method of Guanyin tea TieguanyinIn lifeTieguanyinIt is a very good tea, it is a semi-fermented tea.

The correct method of soaking Tieguanyin

Tieguanyin is alsoOolong teaIt is a kind of tea from Fujian, and it is also one of the top ten famous teas in China.

The alkaloids contained in Tieguanyin,Tea polyphenolsWaiting for nutrition is very much, and its effect is quite good. Next, let’s explain its brewing method in detail.
    The correct method of soaking Tieguanyin1. Prepare waterTieguanyin is a good brewTea leaves, But we must first prepare the water. When brewing Tieguanyin, we must first warm the cup, which will also beTea setFirst rinse with clean water, so that you can rinse with confidence after cleaning with boiling water.Make tea.To prepare water, we generally need to boil the water to 100 degrees before brewing Tieguanyin, and then put in the right amount of tea.
2. BrewWe have to wake up the tea before brewing Tieguanyin, so that the boiling water can be poured inTureenIn the middle, quickly pour the tea soup into it to wake up the tea.Tieguanyin must be brewed with hot boiling water during the brewing process.Because Tieguanyin is granular, it takes a little longer to brew it.Generally, it takes a few minutes to get the flavor and aroma of the soup.    
    3. Out of soupOnce Tieguanyin is brewed, the color of the soup is very clear, there is a very good tea soup, with a faint orchid aroma, which is really refreshing and has a very natural sense of pleasure.The color of Tieguanyin’s soup is clear and translucent, and when you smell it gently, the aroma can gently enter your nose.
    4. Tasting teaThe last step is to taste the tea. It takes a little bit of patience to taste Tieguanyin tea. People who drink tea should not be anxious. You need to drink slowly one bite at a time, and you have to taste carefully to taste the taste of Tieguanyin. .The taste of Tieguanyin tea is particularly delicious.

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