The efficacy and role of Fenghuang Dancong

The efficacy and role of Phoenix DancongPhoenixDan Cong Tea, Belongs to Oolong.

The efficacy and role of Fenghuang Dancong

Produced from Phoenix Mountain in Phoenix, Chaozhou City, Guangdong.

It is an excellent single tree bred from the population of national-level fine varieties of Phoenix daffodils. Its finished tea quality is excellent, fragrant orange flavor, refreshing, and unique mountain charm.
    Phoenix DancongThere are dozens of varieties and types of tea.Its appearance design is thick and straight, blended and straight, the color is yellowish brown, bright and bright, and has cinnabar red dots; it has a long-term brewing fragrance, with a unique natural floral fragrance, a thick and fresh fragrance, and a sweet and moisturizing throat.
    Tea name: Fenghuang DancongPrice Quotes: 199-19999
    Tea leavesFeatures: The design of the appearance is thick and straight, evenly mixedTaste: The taste is thick and fresh, and the throat is moisturized and sweetened. History of developmentThe tea-producing area of ​​Phoenix Mountain in Chaozhou has a long history. Today’s scientists have traced the history of Shantou’s tea-producing area to the Tang Dynasty.
According to the folklore, Song Emperor passed through the Phoenix Mountain when he fled from the south, and his thirst was unbearable. The tree is “Song kind” or called wrenzui tea.    The “First Draft of Guangdong General Records” during the Jiajing period of the Ming Dynasty stated: “Tea is good for those who come from Sangpu from the tide”. At that time, Chao’an had become one of the tea-producing regions in Guangdong Province.In the Qing Dynasty, Phoenix tea was gradually understood by everyone and was included in the national famous tea.
    Since the 1990s of the 20th century, the total area of ​​flower gardens in the tea-producing area of ​​Chao’an has continued to increase, and the quality of tea has also been greatly improved.
    Since 1982, Phoenix Tea has been selected as a national famous tea several times.Phoenix Dancong tea belongs to the oolong category.Its appearance design is thick and straight, blended and straight, the color is yellowish brown, bright and bright, and has cinnabar red dots; it has a long-term brewing fragrance, with a unique natural floral fragrance, a thick and fresh fragrance, and a sweet and moisturizing throat.Characteristics of Phoenix DancongThe appearance design of Phoenix Dancong tea is thick and straight, and the color is yellowish brown, bright and bright, and has cinnabar red spots; it has a long-lasting aroma, and has a unique natural floral fragrance, a thick and fresh fragrance, and a sweet and moisturizing throat The tea soup is bright yellow, bright red at the bottom edge of the leaf, and bright yellow on the belly of the leaf. It is called “green leaf red border”.Phoenix Dancong tea belongs to the oolong category.Its appearance design is thick and straight, blended and straight, the color is yellowish brown, bright and bright, and has cinnabar red dots; it has a long-term brewing fragrance, with a unique natural floral fragrance, a thick and fresh fragrance, and a sweet and moisturizing throat; with and Distinctive mountain rhyme character.How to brew Phoenix DancongTea utensils can be used when making Phoenix DancongTureenOr the purple sand teapot, the stronger one is the Guangdong Chaoshan local Guangdong Chaoshan teapot, take 7 grams of dry tea up and down, and brew it with 100 degrees of boiling water.
    First bubbleIt is generally rinsed, not eaten, and thrown away immediately after putting in water.Then the time of a few soaks depends on the sense of the population, and it can generally be brewed more than 20 times; among them, the aroma of 2 or 3 soaks is the best; and the taste of 5.6 soaks is the best.Phoenix Dancong is suitable for hot drinks in winter. After it is cold, the taste is generally not as hot as hot. When drinking this tea in a glass cup or the like in the company office, put the appropriate tea according to your own taste.Tea setThe taste and aroma of the bubble will be less relative.    For medium Dancong tea with deep and deep sweetness, the brewing time of 6g-11g is about 5 seconds ± 3 seconds, and the actual effect is best when it is brewed in a lid cup (fair cup).
The high-end Dancong tea is pure and delicious. The brewing time of 6g-11g is about 8 seconds ± 3 seconds, and the Shantou time brewing method or the pot brewing method is more suitable for tea.    The special grade Dancong tea is mellow and sweet, with a brewing time of 6g-11g about 10 seconds ± 3 seconds, and you can choose any method to brew.The efficacy and role of Fenghuang Dancong1. Whitening and skin rejuvenationIt is said that Guangdong Chaoshan women are tender and watery, which is very related to drinking Phoenix Dancong tea.Tea has a variety of ingredients and is a pure natural drink. It is often consumed, which is conducive to intestinal and gastrointestinal peristalsis to maintain smooth and tender skin, delay the appearance of facial wrinkles and tighten skin.
2. DegreasingNowadays, people’s food, clothing, housing and transportation standards are good. Every day, chicken, duck and fish are inevitably body fat~~~~~ and so on.Phoenix Dancong tea has the functions of fat-removing and weight-loss.The characteristics of Phoenix Dancong tea are also more neutral, not cold but not cold.And it is also natural green organic food.It is the best choice for weight-loss people, and it is a good material for MMs and elders to drain oil.    3. AwakeningMany people like to drink a lotCoffeeAwake, but drinking too much coffee is not good for the human body.Phoenix Dancong tea is a semi-Fermented teaThe product, after acquired human factors, produces a fragrance, and then roasts with carbon fire to remove the coldness in the tea. Compared with other teas, Phoenix Dancong tea is more neutral and suitable for most people to eat.Able to drink every day.
    4. Cost-effectiveMany people feel that they must drink eight glasses of water every day.The water is cold, and drinking too much water can be harmful.Bottled drinks contain various compounds and are not suitable for frequent consumption.Phoenix Dancong tea is a natural green organic food. It has a sweet taste, pleasant aroma, good sweetness, quenches thirst and rejuvenates, and multiple tea leaves can be brewed all day. It can be brewed with a general insulated water cup or cup, which is cost-effective and cost-effective. It can be beautifying and slimming.
Drinking Taboo of Phoenix Dancong Tea1. Avoid drinking new teaBecause of the fast storage and storage speed of new tea, it contains more chemical substances such as polyphenol compounds, hydrocarbon substitutes and aldehydes that have not been oxidized by the air, which has a strong stimulating effect on the human gastrointestinal mucosa and easily induces gastrointestinal diseases.Very autumn tea, winter tea.Autumn tea is the confluence of summer and autumn, and the light is longer, so the water content of polyphenol compounds is very high.Therefore, new tea should be consumed less, and new tea that has not been stored for a month should be avoided.    2. Avoid drinking tea on an empty stomachDrinking tea on an empty stomach can dilute gastric acid, reduce digestion and absorption, and have a high water digestion rate, which causes a lot of poor ingredients in the tea to enter the blood, causing dizziness, panic, and fatigue of hands and feet.Naturally, some tea people who have the habit of morning tea suggest that low-fire new tea is appropriate.This type of tea is less irritating to the stomach.
3. Avoid tea after mealsSince tea contains a lot of tannins, tannins can react with the iron content in the food and transform into new chemical substances that cannot be dissolved.The proper way is to drink tea one hour after the meal.    4. Don’t drink tea for the first timeBecause tea is environmentally polluted by chemical fertilizers and other harmful substances in the process of planting and production, there will always be a certain amount of residue on the surface of the tea.As the saying goes: “The first is the same, the second is the tea”.
    5. Avoid overnight teaSince the soup color contains organic chemical substances such as carbohydrates and glucose, after long-term storage at room temperature, this nutrient in the soup color will become pathogens, and many nutrients for the breeding of Aspergillus flavus.Therefore, when drinking tea, you should avoid drinking overnight, long-term tea or soup.
    6. Avoid drinking tea if you have a high feverIf you have a high fever, you should not drink PhoenixShan Cong TeaYes, many people have no idea about this matter.Since tea contains aminophylline, which has the effect of raising body temperature, drinking tea for patients with high fever is equivalent to “adding fuel to the fire”.
7, drinkChinese MedicineAvoid drinking teaThe ingredients often contained in tea will have a reducing effect on the actual healing effect of medicines, and will also cause some negative effects.Therefore, experts believe that try not to drink tea during the period of taking Chinese medicine.In addition to not having to drink tea, authoritative experts also suggest that there is no need to eat within half an hour before taking Chinese medicine and within an hour thereafter.    8. Avoid drinking tea for ulcer patientsThe caffeine in tea can promote the metabolism of gastric juice, increase the concentration of gastric juice, and induce ulcers and even pores.Naturally, patients with ulcers should not only avoid tea, but also avoid some acidic fruits.
    9. Avoid drinking tea during special periodsDrinking tea during the menstrual period and drinking strong tea water can induce or exacerbate menstrual syndrome.Scientific research by doctors and experts has found that compared with those who do not drink tea, the probability of menstrual stress disorder caused by the habit of drinking tea is 2.4 times higher.The manufacturing process of Fenghuang DancongThere are a total of 12 processes in the preliminary and special processing technology.
    1. Initial production processDry green → cool green → make green (langcai) →Tea leaves(Stir-fried tea)→Kneading→Drying 6 steps.
(1) Sun drying: The water shortage rate of sun drying is controlled in the middle of 10% to 15%.    (2) Cool green: The withered green tea has enough water to fill, and the leaf cells repair vitality, showing excessive tension.
    (3) Doing green: Doing green is the whole process of touching green, shaking green and resting for many times, and the frequency is not less than 4 times.
    (4) Tea leaves: the high temperature is rapid, the ripeness, the thoroughness, and the homogenization are eliminated.
    (5) Twisting: The strands are formed tightly, and the bulk density of the leaf cells is 50% to 60%.
(6) Dryness: After the cake is baked twice, the water shortage rate of the tea embryo is 90% to 94%.    2. Special production processStacking → picking sieve → assembling (level classification) → cake baking (scented) → spreading cool → packaging 6 stages.
(1) Pile up: Pile up with Luzhou-flavor type, mix well.    (2) Picking out the sieve: tea sticks, unfinished, yellow pieces ≤ 1.8%.
(3) Stacking: According to the standard level of Table 1 to classify the stacking.    (4) Cake baking (fragrance): The cake is baked twice, with a water content of 4% to 5%.
(5) Cooling: Reduce the temperature to the room temperature and store in a sealed manner.    (6) Packaging: meet food safety standards.How to store Fenghuang DancongRefrigerator storage methodUse refrigerators for storage.Refrigerator storage is a simple way for many people to store tea. If you want to store tea longer, ultra-low temperature storage is a very good choice. The fresh and tender tea that will be picked soon must be stored at ultra-low temperature. .If you use a refrigerator to store it, you must pay attention to the sanitation and cleanliness of the refrigerator, so that it can be stored for longer.
    Dry storage methodUse dry methods to carry out storage.The fundamental reason for choosing this type of storage is that dryness can be blocked from gas, which can reasonably prevent Phoenix Dancong tea leaves from being oxidized by air.However, if the Phoenix Dancong tea leaves do return to dampness, the tea should be dried according to the dry household appliances, but it should not be dried for a long time, otherwise it will have a strong peculiar smell.
    Clay pot storage methodUse earthenware pots to store tea leaves.First, use a lot of small pots to put tea leaves, and use large pots for the rest. Make sure the pots are sealed to prevent gas from entering.In the case of choosing clay pots, choose these fully transparent and very fragile pots. Do not choose laminated glass and wooden pots.How to distinguish Fenghuang Dancong from good or bad1. From the appearance design of dry teaPhoenix Dancong (Dancong) is better if it is long, thin, tight, and black. Naturally, in some cases, you can see yellow pieces. It is better to have less yellow pieces (except autumn tea and winter tea), broken into pieces Don’t need too much, don’t need moldy.The superb quality Phoenix Dancong (Dancong), the dry tea still preserves the small milky white bud tip, which can be seen in the work.
2. From the color of the soupPhoenix Dancong (Dancong) is based on golden yellow light, or orange-yellow light. Of course it feels attractive. Sometimes due to the roasting fire, the color of the tea soup does not look completely transparent, so there is no need to worry, it is also a good tea.    3. From the aroma of dry teaThe aroma reliever is the first. Of course, the refreshing fragrance will be a good tea, and the fragrance is not easy to detect, but it makes people feel very comfortable and it is a superb.
    4. Judging from the aroma of the soup colorPeople can divide Phoenix Dancong (Dancong) into three levels based on habit and foundation: low-end, high-scent, irritating, but it fades quickly, or the fragrance is too turbid.Medium, the aroma is long and long, the aroma is pleasant, but when you drink the tea soup, the aroma in the soup looks poor.The aroma of the high-end Dancong tea is lingering in the soup color, the aroma is fine and long, the fragrance is comfortable, and the faint aftertaste is endless. Every time it is brewed, it feels different. Truth can ensure that the teeth and cheeks are fragranced, and the tea rhyme extends from the bottom of the throat. The experience of the nostril.Ming Weng introduced in detail a very fragrant way, that is, smelling the inside of the outer cover of the tureen after brewing, the low-end single cluster tea has a very low fragrance.

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