How to make lotus leaf tea

How to buy real tea lotus leaf teaThe lotus leaf not only has a high ornamental value, but also can lose weight. Since ancient times, the people of our country haveLotus leaf teaIt is regarded as a good medicine for weight loss.

How to make lotus leaf tea

In fact, we don’t need to buy lotus leaf tea, we can make lotus leaf tea by ourselves by collecting lotus leaves in the pond.

Below, let’s take a look at the steps to make lotus leaf tea, and interested friends must see it.
    How to make lotus leaf tea1. Collect lotus leavesTo make lotus leaf tea, you must first collect lotus leaves. It is best to choose the leaves during the growth period, because such leaves are very fresh and tender, the tea brewed is very fragrant, and such lotus leaves have more nutrients and are more suitable for use.Make tea.We cut the lotus leaves with scissors and put them in the basket.Just bring it back.
2. Wash the lotus leavesAfter the lotus leaves are collected, they must be washed. This is the second step in the steps of making lotus leaf tea. It is also a very important step. Only when the lotus leaves are cleaned, we can drink clean, hygienic and healthy tea. Drink.willTea leavesAfter rinsing it with clean water repeatedly, cut it into lumps or filaments, and then put it in a cool place to dry.    
    3. BrewAfter drying the lotus leaves, our lotus leaf tea is ready and can be stored in a clean airtight bag.When you want to drink, take out an appropriate amount of lotus leaves, put it into a cup, and pour in boiling hot water.The water used for making lotus leaf tea is best to be controlled at about 80 degrees. Cover the cup and simmer for five or six minutes to extract all the nutrients.
    4. Add fillerAfter five or six minutes of brewing, we can drink the brewed lotus leaf tea directly.However, simply drinking lotus leaf tea like this has no taste. We can add some sugar according to our favorite taste.WolfberryOr red dates and the like, which can make the tea more nutritious, and it can also allow us to drink tea with a better taste.

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