The efficacy and function of Luo Han Guo chrysanthemum tea

What kind of tartary buckwheat tea is tea
    Luo Han GuoIt is cool in nature and sweet in taste, and chrysanthemum is a good helper for reducing fire. Luo Han Guo is matched with chrysanthemumMake teaDrinking it is very good for clearing away heat and moisturizing the lungs.

The efficacy and function of Luo Han Guo chrysanthemum tea

The appearance of Luo Han Guo is round, and the chrysanthemum is a very beautiful plant. I often drink Luo Han Guo chrysanthemumscented teaPeople who have a great effect on the body, let’s learn about it together.

Luo Han GuoChrysanthemum teaThe efficacy and role of1. Clear heat and nourish the lungsMangosteen ChrysanthemumTea setIt has a good effect of clearing heat and nourishing the lungs. In the hot summer, Luo Han Guo chrysanthemum tea can help us clear the heat and nourish the lungs. Because of the hot and dry weather, the throat quickly becomes dry and uncomfortable, and the psychology is very stuffy. The look is very uncomfortable.At this time, we need to soak a cup of Luo Han Guo chrysanthemum to drink, which can help us most.    
2. Relieve heat and thirstLuo Han Guo chrysanthemum tea can also relieve heat and quench thirst. Luo Han Guo is rich in multiple vitamins, but its calories are very low, so drinking chrysanthemum together with it is the best way to cool down.In general, the human body will consume too much water and energy during the heat, and people will feel very dry mouth.At this time, drinking a cup of mangosteen chrysanthemum is the best, which can help us cool off the heat and quench our thirst.    
    3. Moisturizing the bowel and laxativeMany people have dry stools in their lives, and the intestines are not smooth, making it difficult to absorb and digest.In fact, in this case, we can often drink some Luo Han Guo chrysanthemum tea to help us relax our bowels.Luo Han Guo chrysanthemum tea is very beneficial to help moisturize the intestines and lax the bowels, can effectively improve the symptoms of constipation, help digestion and absorption, and maintain the normal smooth operation of the intestines.
4. Clear liver and improve eyesightMangosteen chrysanthemum tea has the effect of clearing liver and improving eyesight, especially chrysanthemum is very helpful for improving eyesight, clearing heat and removing fire, dispelling wind-heat, and curing some colds, wind-heat, dizziness, stomach heat, and chronic bronchitis. The role of help.Luo Han Guo chrysanthemum tea is very good for clearing liver heat, and also detoxification of liver, which is especially beneficial to protecting our eyes and vision.    

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