What is the difference between Narcissus Laocong and Dancong

What are the differences between Narcissus Laocong and Dancong in Fujian tea brand rankings
    Tea leavesThe name of Lao Cong Narcissus is WuyiRock teaThe noble family in China has a history of hundreds of years of cultivation.

What is the difference between Narcissus Laocong and Dancong

    Dan Cong Tea, Is a selection of excellent individual tea trees from the group of phoenix narcissus species, which are cultivated, picked and processed

The difference between Narcissus Laocong and DancongDan CongGenerally refers to Chaozhou, GuangdongPhoenix DancongTea is also called Shan Cong locally.The original meaning of Dan Cong refers to the planting of single tea trees, the cultivation of single tea trees, the picking of single tea trees, and the production of single tea leaves, but in this case, the output is too low and the price is too expensive!Now the Phoenix area refers to the tea based on a single tea plant that uses asexual reproductionOolong teaTea made by craftsmanship!A kind of tea name, Dancong tea, is a selection of excellent individual tea trees from the Phoenix narcissus population, through cultivation, picking, production and processing.Due to the difference in the aroma and taste of the finished tea, the local habit of dividing Dancong tea into a variety of flavors according to the strong flavor type: yellow branch, zhilan, peach, jade, cinnamon, and seal.Therefore, Dancong tea promotes single harvesting by fiber insertion. When the new tea buds bud to the small open surface (that is, the resident buds appear), they are picked according to the specifications of one bud and two and three leaves. Inside the challah.    
    Lao CongLaocong narcissus generally refers to the narcissus above the crown diameter in fifty to sixty yearsscented teaThe tree, in the fragrant rock bone, basically highlights the floral and fir flavor. The key to the fir flavor of the old fir is three flavors: wood flavor, green moss flavor, and black rice flavor.
    Laocong Narcissus Wuyishan Rock Tea Processing Technology andWuyi Rock TeaIn the same way, Laocong narcissus belongs to the medium-light roasting and mellow aroma.
    Laocong narcissus has a compact and string-like appearance; the color is mostly dark green and has a precious color; the dry tea has a strong fragrance and the taste of Lao Cong.The large area of ​​the leaf bottom has the characteristic of “green bottom and red edge”, and the petiole floats in the leaf.
    Can be used when preparing Laocong narcissusTureenOr purple sand teapot.Lao Cong narcissus has a high fragrance and fragrance (the best year to make it in ten years). The first few bubbles of Lao Cong flavor are covered by the fragrance, and the Lao Cong flavor comes out after a few soups, and it has been able to maintain more than 10 bubbles.Use boiling water to prepare.
    First bubbleTea can use the tea moisturizing method to brew water quickly. From the beginning of the third run, each brew can continue to produce water for 10 seconds.Laocong’s soup is orange or orange and has a significant focal length.Laocong narcissus is characterized by a mellow and mellow throat, with a pronounced throat, sweet and refreshing.When drinking tea, the first sip is smooth and upset, the second sip leaves fragrance on the teeth and cheeks, and the third sip is full of fluid.

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