Efficacy and side effects of dandelion and burdock tea

Efficacy and side effects of dandelion and burdock tea in a tea packaging factory
    DandelionBurdock teaHave you ever drunk it? Dandelion and Burdock tea is also the most common tea in life, and its efficacy is also very good.

Efficacy and side effects of dandelion and burdock tea

From the perspective of Chinese medicine, it is possible that dandelion is generally cold in nature and bitter in taste, while burdock can enter the heart and lung meridian, both of which can reduce the heat of oneself, and have a good alleviating effect on some getting angry. .

The efficacy of dandelion and burdock tea1. Anti-inflammatory and pain-relievingDandelion can enter the liver meridian, which is particularly good for protecting the liver.Burdock enters the lung meridian, and it has a little heat-clearing and detoxifying effect.Dandelion and burdock tea can also reduce inflammation and pain, reduce swelling and dispel knots, and have a good relieving effect on tonsillitis, throat inflammation and other diseases.Dandelion burdock tea has obvious effects on analgesia and pain relief.    
2. Moisturizing the intestines and laxativesAlthough dandelion and burdock tea is a cold medicinal material, its nutrition is very rich. Regular drinking is conducive to moisturizing the intestines, and can also enhance the effect of the intestines and stomach, which can well promote intestinal peristalsis. Certain intestinal laxative benefits.This is a very good thing for people with constipation and can relieve constipation.    Dandelion Burdock Tea Side Effects1. Cause diarrheaDandelion burdock tea has a strong effect of lowering blood pressure, lowering blood lipids, and lowering blood sugar, so it is recommended not to take it continuously, otherwise it will cause symptoms of diarrhea.Although dandelion and burdock tea is good, don’t overeat too much.If you use too much, it will definitely have side effects, especially for patients with poor physical conditions.
    2. Cause dizzinessDandelion and burdock tea may cause dizziness in some people, such as pregnant women and babies in special groups. Such people are not recommended to drink, otherwise it will cause dizziness.Especially for pregnant women who are key targets in China, they must pay more attention to not eating indiscriminately, after all, the health of the baby is the most important thing.

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