The efficacy and role of peppermint tea

The efficacy and role of mint teaActually,MintIn our daily life, we use more toothpastes that we use to brush our teeth.

The efficacy and role of peppermint tea

Many of the foods eaten are added with mint.

Peppermint can also be used to make tea, because the menthol and menthone contained in peppermint can relieve wind and heat, so menthol is very refreshing to drink.Menthol has great effects, but when drinking it, pay attention to its contraindications.
    Mint teaThe efficacy and role of1. Anti-inflammatoryPeppermint has an anti-inflammatory effect, so many manufacturers add some peppermint when making toothpaste to clean the mouth.Peppermint tea also has an anti-inflammatory effect.Drinking peppermint tea often can remove bacteria in the oral cavity, help prevent stomatitis, and can also refresh the breath, which can be used to remove bad breath.
2. Cool down the throatPeppermint has a cooling effect, and it can cool the throat when eaten.Therefore, drinking peppermint tea can increase the mucus in the respiratory tract and reduce the phlegm in the throat. In this way, the space in our respiratory tract will increase, which is very conducive to the health of the throat.Drinking peppermint tea is also beneficial to gastrointestinal health and can relieve gastric ulcers.    
    3. Calm emotionsThe role of peppermint tea is to refresh and relieve depression, it can help relieve nervous emotions.Drinking peppermint tea can calm us down when we are emotionally stressed.In addition, peppermint tea can also relieve colds and headaches, and can also appetite and promote digestion. It can also enhance the body’s resistance and reduce the basic probability of occurrence.Taboo of mint teaMintTea setIt has a refreshing effect, and it is taken when the workload is heavy.However, it is best not to drink mint tea before going to bed at night, which will affect sleep.In addition, pregnant and lactating women are best not to drink peppermint tea, because certain substances in peppermint can inhibit the secretion of milk.Mint tea is cool in nature, don’t drink it in large quantities for a long time.

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