Who can’t drink mint tea

Why can’t people drink mint tea in small tea bags?
    MintIt is an aromatic crop that grows at higher altitudes and has high economic value.

Who can't drink mint tea

The leaves of mint are opposite, the flowers are small, generally lavender, and after the flowers fall, they will bear purple-brown fruits.

Peppermint is a common Chinese herbal medicine. Because of its coolness, it has the effect of sweating and antipyretic.Mint can also be used as tea, but some people can’t drink it, so be carefulMint teaSide effects.
    Who can’t drink mint tea1. People with weak spleen and stomach cannot eatPeppermint tea is cool in nature and has the effect of clearing heat and detoxification. It can be used to treat colds and fever. It can also be drunk in summer. It can clear away heat and relieve heat. However, people with spleen and stomach deficiency and cold must not drink it, because peppermint tea will aggravate the coldness of the spleen and stomach. , Resulting in weaker spleen and stomach functions, and in severe cases, it may also lead to food accumulation or diarrhea.
2. People with insomnia can’t drinkPeppermint has a cooling effect and can refresh the brain.Therefore, many mental workers like to drink a cup of peppermint tea to refresh themselves when working overtime, so that they can have the energy to continue working.However, people with neurasthenia and frequent insomnia should not drink it, which will cause mental excitement, make it more difficult to sleep, and seriously affect the quality of sleep.    
Side effects and contraindications of peppermint tea1. Do not drink for breastfeeding womenMintTea setIt has a cooling effect and is especially suitable for drinking in the hot summer.After drinking, it can cool and relieve the heat and make the body feel particularly cool.However, women who are breastfeeding must not drink it, because peppermint contains a substance that can inhibit the secretion of milk, and drinking peppermint tea may cause a decrease in milk.     2. Don’t drink too much for a long timeAlthough peppermint tea is good, you should also pay attention to the contraindications of peppermint tea. You should not take a large amount of peppermint for a long time, because the peppermint oil and menthol in peppermint have a paralyzing effect on mammals. If we drink peppermint tea in large quantities for a long time, it may cause the body to appear. The symptoms of paralysis can even lead to death in severe cases.Therefore, the daily dosage is best controlled within 2mg/kg of body weight.

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