How to buy Tieguanyin

How to pack tea and how to buy Tieguanyin
    TieguanyinIt is produced in Anxi, Fujian. It was created in the middle of 1725. Tieguanyin in Anxi County means the highest level of Tieguanyin and is one of the top ten famous teas in my country.

How to buy Tieguanyin

Tieguanyin is a favorite of many tea lovers and their tea, and it is usually necessary for many people to drink morning tea.

Tieguanyin tea belongs to the semi-mellow tea. It is picked in the open face and has a very distinctive taste.After brewing, Tieguanyin tea has a pure natural floral fragrance, and the aroma is very strong and long-lasting.Not to mention the effect of Tieguanyin, it also has the effect of health maintenance.How to buy TieguanyinSpecial class: high-end Tieguanyin, specific guide price: 600 yuan or more / 500g, the rope is fat, mix thoroughly, heavy, sand green and black oil, soup color is golden and crystal clear, tastes fresh and fragrant, tea is fragrant, has floral, peach fragrance A variety of tastes such as cyanoate type and so on.
    Level I: Tieguanyin, high and middle grade, specific guidance price: 400-600 yuan/500g, the rope is fat, firm, and green, black and oily, the soup is golden and bright, the aroma is light, the sound is unique, and the taste is mellow.
Level 2: Medium Tieguanyin, specific guide price: 200-400 yuan/500g, the rope is tight and heavy, the color is sandy and green, the soup is golden yellow, the taste is unique, the aroma is elegant, sweet and thirst.    Level 3: Middle and low-end Tieguanyin, specific guide price: 80-200 yuan/500g, firm rope, brown emerald green color, mellow aroma, orange-yellow soup.
Level 4: Tieguanyin with low gear, specific guidance price: 80 yuan or less/500g, the rope is loosely rolled, the color is dark green with brown, the taste is light, the aroma is pleasant, and the soup color is deep yellow orange red.Features of high-quality Tieguanyin in Anxi County:(1) Appearance design: Tieguanyin tea cord is strong and sturdy, slightly rounded; narcissusscented teaThe rope is fat, tight, and has a distorted strip shape; the Tieguanyin rope is firm, fat, and curled.    (2) Color and luster: Tieguanyin has a sandy green and dark green color or a bright emerald green color.
(3) Fragrance: Tieguanyin has a fragrance.    
(4) Soup color: Tieguanyin soup color is orange or golden yellow, clear and bright.    (5) Taste: The tea soup is mellow, fragrant and flexible.
(6) Leaf bottom: green leaves are bordered with red, that is, part of the petiole and leaf margin is bright red, part is emerald green, the green part is slightly yellowish, and the red part is bright.The characteristics of poor quality Anxi County Tieguanyin:(1) Appearance design: the rope is loose and light.    (2) Color: dark brown, dark brown, red, iron, and bright red.
(3) Aroma: there is a smell of smoke, paste or green grass and its odor.    (4) Soup color: The soup is blueish, reddish, and muddy.
(5) Taste: lack of tea soup, and even astringent taste.    

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