Efficacy and taboo of chrysanthemum wolfberry tea

The efficacy and contraindications of chrysanthemum and wolfberry tea in wooden tea gift boxchrysanthemumWolfberryTeaA tea that is also very common in life, is a tea made with chrysanthemum and wolfberry, and the taste is very good.

Efficacy and taboo of chrysanthemum wolfberry tea

This combination of drinking is not easy to get angry, and it can also help our body reduce the fire.

    Chrysanthemum wolfberry teaIn fact, it is also very nutritious, its efficacy is also very good, and there are certain contraindications.
    The efficacy of chrysanthemum wolfberry tea1. Improve your eyesightChrysanthemum wolfberry tea is very effective for eye health, especially chrysanthemum has a very good effect on the treatment of eye fatigue and blurred vision.This person has known since ancient times that chrysanthemum has the effect of protecting the eyes.In normal times, if you work on the porridge computer for a long time, your eyes will inevitably be very tired, dry and uncomfortable.We can drink some chrysanthemum wolfberry tea to help.
2. Nourish liver and kidneyDrinking chrysanthemum wolfberry tea can also nourish the liver and kidney well, it can promote the regeneration of liver cells, and it can nourish the liver and kidney protection.Chrysanthemum wolfberry tea can also detoxify liver toxins and clean up liver heat. Long-term drinking can protect our liver and kidney functions very well, and has a good function of improving the body’s immunity.    
Taboo of chrysanthemum wolfberry tea1. People who are taboo against deficiency and coldPeople with deficiency and cold should avoid chrysanthemum wolfberry tea. This kind of people is best not to drink it as it will cause internal heat.Although the effect of chrysanthemum wolfberry tea is very good, it is better for this kind of people to avoid it.    2. People who contraindicated diarrheaPeople who are experiencing diarrhea and fever are best not to drink chrysanthemum wolfberry tea, because at this time the human body is the weakest, it is easy to produce diarrhea, nausea, headache and dizziness, it is best not to drink strong tea, it is best to eat some Light porridge or red date water and ginger water can nourish the body very well. People with diarrhea must avoid drinking chrysanthemum wolfberry tea.

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