The efficacy and function of hibiscus flower

Efficacy and function of hibiscus flower in ceramic tea pot sealed pot
    HibiscusThe flower shape is large and the color is gorgeous, which makes people love it at a glance.

The efficacy and function of hibiscus flower

Hibiscus is not only a kind of ornamental flowers and plants, but also a kind of Chinese herbal medicine with extremely high medicinal value.

Hibiscus has a great effect, and it can be cured by eating hibiscus, but we must also pay attention to its consumption taboos.
The efficacy and function of hibiscus flower1. Clear heat and cool bloodHibiscus flower has the effect of clearing heat and cooling blood, and can be used to treat sore carbuncle.Carbuncle is the infection of creeping hair follicles or sebaceous glands by bacterial invasion, resulting in red, swollen and painful symptoms on the skin.Soaking in water with hibiscus flowers can relieve it.At the same time, hibiscus flower can also treat breast carbuncle, this disease is found in many women, and hibiscus flower can be relieved.    
2. BeautyHibiscus flower also has the effect of beauty and beauty, I believe most female friends will like it.You can add some hibiscus flowers when cooking the soup, or you can add some when cooking the porridge, which can play a role in beautifying and nourishing the skin.    
    3. Cool blood to stop bleedingHibiscus flower has astringent effect, can cool the blood to stop bleeding, and has an excellent effect on some diseases caused by blood heat.If the redness, swelling and pain is caused by blood heat, you can take hibiscus flowers for treatment.If the skin shows signs of swelling, pain and pus, taking hibiscus flower can also play a role in relieving treatment.Hibiscus tabooHibiscus has a cool nature and is not suitable for pregnant women.Because pregnant women cannot eat too much cold things during pregnancy, it is very detrimental to the fetus itself.If pregnant women drink hibiscusscented tea, There may be diarrhea, and if it is severe, it may also cause miscarriage.In addition, people with deficiency of the spleen and stomach should not take hibiscus flowers, which may cause a heavier burden on the spleen and stomach, as well as symptoms of diarrhea and indigestion.

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