How to distinguish green tea scented tea

Which Pu’er tea is good, how to distinguish green tea scented teaToday we will talk about how to distinguishGreen teaandscented teaThe difference between green tea is a very common tea, especially in Hangzhou, Zhejiang, where green tea is produced everywhere, and there are very famousWest Lake LongjingAndXinyang Maojian.

How to distinguish green tea scented tea

The flowers of scented tea are generally processed tea with flowers, such asJasmine tea,Chrysanthemum tea,Rose teaEtc.

How to distinguish greencamelliaTea1. AromaThe aroma of green tea is a faint fragrance of natural taste, its aroma is very refreshing, and it feels good.The aroma of scented tea is very floral, such asJasmine teaThere is a great scent of jasmine.Roses will have a very elegant and strong rose fragrance, which can be easily distinguished by smelling its fragrance.
    2. ColorThe color is the best to distinguish, the color of green tea is mostly emerald green tea, and the color of the tea soup that is brewed is also green.The scented tea is different, it depends on which scented tea it is. .    
    3. TasteThe taste of green tea is actually very simple. It is the taste of green tea with a faint fragrance. The taste of scented tea is relatively better, such as jasmine tea and rose tea. The taste of these scented teas is very fragrant, especially for women. Scented tea.Scented tea is not only delicious, but also helps women whiten skin, lose weight, and resist aging.
    4. CraftsmanshipGreen tea needs to be made through hype, no need to ferment, it needs to be made through manual hard work, meticulous hype, and several processes.Scented tea doesn’t need so many processes. Some scented teas only need to be dried under the sun and put away. It’s very simple.For example, roses can be dried and bagged and then returned.

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