How to make Pu’er tea cream

What are the methods of tasting tea and how to make Pu’er tea creamEveryone should know that tea powder, tea powder is an instant tea product, which is convenient and quick to brew.

How to make Pu'er tea cream

    Tea creamIn fact, it is somewhat similar to tea powder, and it is not instant, but,Pu’er teaThere is a huge difference between ointment and tea powder.Pu’er Tea CreamIt is thicker and purer than tea powder, because the production of Pu’er tea paste is not simple, it is made by separating the tea juice from the Pu’er tea.

The production process of Pu’er tea paste1.To make Pu’er tea paste, you must first use a large iron pot, a copper pot, a muslin, a shaped mold, and a container for storing the tea paste.It is best to store it with ceramic utensils, so that it is easier to preserve the tea properties of the tea.After the things are ready, clean the prepared Pu’er tea first, and the impurities and dust on it can be washed away.
    2. Next, steam it, break it into small pieces, rinse it again, and go out hereteaDust on the surface.In this process, it is necessary to identify the quality of tea. Only high-quality tea can produce high-quality tea paste.Secondly, it is necessary to screen whether someone has poisoned it, which is an important step in testing the safety of tea products.    
    3.Next, the tea is fermented again, which is to ferment with the traditional brewing process, so that the substances in the tea are transformed and decomposed.Then, using pressing technology, the water in the tea is squeezed out, and then the tea juice inside is pressed out.This requires repeated pressing and harvesting the juice.
    4.Put the pressed tea juice into a wide-mouthed container, let it precipitate naturally, and precipitate out. The precipitated tea juice generally has layers. At this time, it is necessary to pick out the layers.The last step is to collect the ointment, and the tea juice obtained by the price separation is air-dried. At this time, it becomes an ointment. Put the ointment into the mold to dry, and the tea ointment is made.The mold is generally square, so the finished tea paste is also square and has embossing.

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