The difference between Pu’er tea raw tea and Pu’er tea cooked tea

Where is the difference between raw Pu-erh tea and cooked Pu-erh tea
    Pu’er teaThe status of tea lovers in my country is extremely high. If they want to drink tea, the first thing many tea lovers think of is Pu’er.

The difference between Pu'er tea raw tea and Pu'er tea cooked tea

There are many types under Pu’ertea, But, to put it simply, there are only two types of Pu’er tea, that isPu’er teaAnd Pu’er ripe tea.

For many new tea lovers, they don’t know the difference between Pu’er ripe tea and raw tea. Below, we will introduce it in detail.
The difference between Pu’er tea raw tea and cooked tea1. The production process is differentThe most essential difference between raw Pu’er tea and cooked tea is the difference in the production process of the two.Pu’er ripe tea is made through fermentation, while Pu’er raw tea is not fermented.Pu’er raw tea will beTea leaves, Kneaded and dried in the sun, while Pu’er ripe tea is made by artificially fermenting sun-dried green tea.    
2. Different tea propertiesPu’er raw tea has not undergone fermentation, or has undergone a very brief fermentation.Most of the nutrients in the tea have not been transformed by biological enzymes and microorganisms.Relatively speaking, it has a certain irritation.The mature Pu’er tea is fermented, and the nutrients in it are transformed by microorganisms.Therefore, the tea is milder and has no irritation to the stomach.    
    3. Different appearancePu’er raw tea has not been fermented, so most of the finished products are green or yellow.While Pu’er ripe tea produces other substances during the fermentation process, the finished tea is generally red or brown.The shape of pressed Pu’er raw tea is generally dark green, while the shape of pressed Pu’er ripe tea is reddish brown, which is similar to the color of pig liver.
    4. The tea soup has different colorsBecause Pu’er ripe tea is fermented, some different substances are formed in it, and after brewing, these substances will dissolve in the water, causing the color of the tea soup to also become red or maroon.The tea soup of Pu’er raw tea is generally yellow-green.As the Pu’er ripe tea has been fermented in the pile, the tea soup will have an obvious pile taste, but as the storage time increases, this taste will gradually weaken.

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