How do ordinary families store Pu’er tea?

How to store Pu’er tea in bamboo tea packaging?How do you buy itteaWhat about? The average household will not buy too much each time, because too much is not conducive to the preservation of tea.

How do ordinary families store Pu'er tea?

Although the purchase amount is relatively small, but the storagePu’er teaIt is also a problem, because if the tea is not stored properly and the tea is moldy, then such good tea is wasted in vain.

Next, let’s take a look at the preservation method of Pu’er tea.
    How do ordinary families store Pu’er tea?1. Avoid high temperatureThe ambient temperature is too high, which will degrade the chlorophyll in Pu’er tea too quickly, so that the chlorophyll in the tea will quickly convert to pheophytin, and the bright green of the tea itself will darken and become brown.In a high temperature environment, the content of Pu’er teaTea polyphenolsIt will also oxidize quickly, which has a great impact on the taste and quality of tea.
2. Avoid sunlightWhen storing Pu’er tea in general households, it is best to place Pu’er tea in a place where there is no direct sunlight, because under sun exposure, the lipids and plant pigments in Pu’er tea will quickly undergo photochemical reactions, resulting in tea leaves. Sunburn and other unpleasant odors appear in it.This has a great influence on the aroma of tea.    
Preservation methods and skills of Pu’er tea1. Avoid peculiar smellTea is a porous body, and it is easy to absorb the taste on other substances. Therefore, many people use tea to deodorize.Therefore, when preserving Pu’er tea, you must put Pu’er tea in a place where there is no peculiar smell, so as to prevent Pu’er tea from absorbing peculiar smell and affecting its own taste.It is best not to store Pu’er tea in the kitchen in general households.    2. Avoid moisturePu’er tea is not only easy to absorb odors, but also easy to absorb moisture and moisture. Once Pu’er tea absorbs moisture, it will go up tide, and the water content of up-tide Pu’er tea will greatly increase. The consequence is that it is easy to breed bacteria and microorganisms. Lead to spoilage of tea leaves.

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