How about Runyuanchang Pu’er

How about Fujian white tea Runyuanchang Pu’erNo matter what we have experienced, even if our friends have left because of school or work, even if the noodle restaurant that we often go to has changed a few bosses, only one thing will not change, that is, the replacement of the fourth level.

How about Runyuanchang Pu'er

In this season of bleak autumn wind and falling leaves, it is good to invite a few old friends to have tea and laugh about life.

Speaking of tea, we have to talk about Runyuanchang Pu’er. How does this tea taste?How about Runyuanchang Pu’erRun YuanchangPu’er teaIt is produced and launched by Yuanchang Tea Factory in Menghai Run, Yunnan Province.teaThe brand specializes in high-end tea, which uses tea from the Bulang mountain area as raw materials and is made with exquisite tea making technology.Runyuanchang Pu’er Tea has a thick soup and a sweet taste. Spring tea gives people the feeling of fullness and richness, which makes people want to drink more and more months.Which Pu’er tea is delicious in Runyuanchang1. The Spring of Ban ZhangRunyuanchang Banzhangzhichun is a higher-grade ripe tea, which is made from spring tea after fermentation.The tea raw materials used are all high-end teas, and the taste has also been developed and formulated by experts many times.Nowadays, the consumption of ripe tea is becoming more and more popular, and the demand for ripe tea in the market is also increasing day by day.The Spring of Runyuanchang Banzhang has always been of high quality.
2. The Spring of Great BeautyRunyuanchang Dameizhichun dry tea has a unique taste of Bohai.Even if it has been stored for two years, we can still smell the obvious seafood flavor.This is the taste of Bohai.From the perspective of taste and aroma, Runyuanchang Dameichun is the best.Its taste is sweet and has a very strong caramel aroma.    3. Run ZhichunRunyuan Chang Runzhichun, like Dameizhichun, belongs to the high-end ripe tea series. The external appearance of the two is very similar, but the internal quality is very different.Runyuanchang Runzhichun is made with tea picked from Bulang Mountain. The Bulangshan tea garden has a history of more than four thousand years. favorite.

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