The efficacy and role of Longjing

The efficacy and function of buying real tea LongjingChina’sLongjing teaThere are many kinds, such as some Longjing tea in Hangzhou, Zhejiang.West Lake LongjingTea,Longjing before rainTea, and someBiluochun,Xinyang MaojianWait, it’s a very good onegreen tea.

The efficacy and role of Longjing

The effects of Longjing tea are also very beneficial.For example, it can help us prevent diseases, become beautiful, and relieve fatigue.

The efficacy and role of Longjing1. Prevent diseasesSome small diseases can be prevented very well. For example, a small cold can be treated very well. In ancient times, there was a famous doctor who used the effect of tea to save a child in the palace, so Longjing The effect of tea is to treat colds and fevers, it can also help us prevent the incidence of cancer, and can greatly reduce the incidence of cancer and other diseases.
    2. Relieve fatigueWhen a person is working all day, the body is very tired. At this time, we need to cut a cup of Longjing tea for ourselves, which can help our body completely relax and make the exhaustion disappear. , Let yourself fall asleep in good dreams.Longjing tea can not only relieve fatigue, but also protect our eyesight.    
    3. The skin turns whiteLongjing boiled water to wash your face can make our skin white, but we must use it regularly for a month, especially with the tea heart of Longjing tea to wash our face.In summer, no matter how oily the face is washed, it can’t be cleaned. We can wash it with the tea heart of Longjing tea. After washing, the oil on the face is completely eliminated, and the skin becomes very refreshed and clean. It is OK to wash it frequently. Make the skin whiter.
    4. Anti-inflammatory and antibacterialAnother major effect of Longjing tea is that it can help us anti-inflammatory and antibacterial. This effect can be well reflected in the injury. Use Longjing tea to clean the wound, so that it can help the wound anti-inflammatory and antibacterial. The effect is really very good. It’s good, there is no need to worry about the wound becoming inflamed, and the wound healed very quickly.

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