A pot of black tea MaojianHairy tip, belonging togreen teaOne of the varieties, divided intoWeishan Maojian,Xinyang Maojian.


The shape is relatively thin, straight, round and smooth,teaPekoe is spread all over the body, the aroma is long and the aroma is long, and the taste of the tea soup is very fresh, sweet and unique.

At the tip of the hair, the color of the brewed tea soup is green. The tea leaves relax and sink slowly into the bottom of the cup. The tea leaves are even, tender, green and smooth.The color, fragrance, taste, and shape of the hair tip have unique characteristics.
    Efficacy and function of hair tip    Maojian TeaUnfermented, contains moreTea polyphenols, Tea polyphenols can inhibit the development of bacteria in the body, vitamin C andVitamin EIt can block the synthesis of carcinogens-nitrosamines.Up toAnti-cancerThe efficacy of the disease.There are great benefits for the prevention and treatment of cancer.Research has shown that the risk of cancer is as high as 50% when drinking Maojiao often than not drinking it.
    Maojian tea has anti-aging effects.The tea polyphenols contained in the hair tip can scavenge free radicals that make the human body aging.Reduce the oxidation of unsaturated fatty acids and fatty acids, thereby achieving anti-aging effects.
There is a whitening effect in the tip of the hair.The vitamin C in the hair tip itself has a whitening effect, and flavonoids can increase the antioxidant capacity of vitamin C.Drinking in summer has a whitening effectThe tip of the hair has the effect of weight loss.Tea polyphenols can reduce the content of blood lipids in the body, and tannic acid can increase the secretion of gastric juice and increase the ability to break down fat.So as to achieve the effect of weight lossThe tip of the hair has a refreshing effect.The tip of the hair contains morecoffeeAlkali can stimulate the central nervous system, increase thinking, and eliminate sleepiness, so as to achieve the effect of substitute, insomnia and dreaminess or the elderly, patients with stomach problems should not drink Maojian.    
The hair tip has an anti-radiation effect.Tea polyphenols and their oxidation products have the ability to absorb the poison of radioactive substances strontium 90 and cobalt 60.The treatment effect of leukopenia caused by radiation is better.It is suitable for people who often use computers for work and mobile phones to drink Maojian tea.    The role of hair tipMaojian belongs to green tea and has the effect of clearing heat and quenching thirst.The tea soup contains tea polyphenols, sugars, amino acids, pectins, vitamins, etc., which react chemically with the saliva in the mouth, moisturize the mouth, and can play a role in producing body fluids and quenching thirst.The caffeine in the hair tip promotes a large amount of energy to escape from the skin pores of the human body.Drinking Maojian in summer has the effect of clearing heat, reducing fire and quenching thirst.
    Maojian has the effect of clearing smoke and relieving alcohol, and the tea polyphenols contained in Maojian tea can offset the ethanol contained in the wine.Although Maojian tea has a hangover effect, if you can’t drink strong tea for hangover, it will hurt your heart and kidney.For smokers, drinking Maojian tea can precipitate and eliminate nicotine from the body, reducing the harm of smoking to the human body.
    There are really many functions and functions of Maojian. Through the above introduction, do you know a little more about Maojian? In peacetime, sometimes only with tea, only know that tea is good for our body, but the specific benefits You shouldn’t be able to tell, if you see so many benefits today, you will be more satisfied when you drink tea in the future.
The medicinal value of MaojianThe medicinal value of Maojian tea is summarized as: weight loss, whitening, anti-aging, strong body immunity, lowering blood sugar, lowering blood fat, lowering blood pressure, improving indigestion, preventing cancer, antibacterial, preventing dental caries, clearing bad breath, refreshing, improving eyesight, Anti-ultraviolet, anti-skin disease, anti-radiation, skin care, beauty and fitness, prevention of cardiovascular and cerebrovascular diseases, enhancement of memory, anti-dandruff, and reduction of smoking hazards, etc.    Drinking Maojian tea regularly can lower blood pressure.It’s because of the caffeine contained in Xinyang Maojian tea leaves andcatechuWhiteIt can promote the relaxation of the body’s blood vessel wall, increase the effective diameter of the blood vessel, keep the blood vessel wall elastic, and eliminate vasospasm.
    The weight loss effect of the hair tip is that there are alkaloids such as purine bases and adenine in the hair tip. These alkaloids can form nucleotides with phosphoric acid, pentose and other substances. It plays an important role, especially for nitrogen-containing compounds.
    Because GAT has the effect of inhibiting the mutation of aflatoxin, benzopyridine and other carcinogens, it has the effect of inhibiting tumor metastasis; Maojian tea contains a large amount of EGCG, which can effectively inhibit the activity of tumor-promoting agents in the human body and can effectively prevent The formation of cancer cells; therefore the hair tip has an anti-cancer effect.
The catechins in Maojian tea have a significant effect on reducing the body’s total cholesterol, free cholesterol, total lipids and triglycerides.People who often drink Maojian have about one-third lower blood cholesterol levels than those who do not drink tea.The side effects and contraindications of Maojian1. Avoid drinking after meals.Many people like to make a cup of Maojian tea after a meal, but the tea contains a lot of tannin, which can react with the iron in the food to form new substances that are difficult to dissolve, making the gastrointestinal mucosa unable to absorb it, which can lead to a long time. Iron deficiency in the body can even induce anemia.You should drink tea half an hour after eating.    2. Avoid drinking on an empty stomach.Drinking Xinyang Maojian on an empty stomach, especially strong tea, can inhibit the secretion of gastric juice and hinder digestion, and even cause dizziness, palpitation, gastrointestinal discomfort and other dizziness and stomach pain.Drunk tea“Phenomenon.
    3. Avoid drinking before going to bed.The hair tip contains a lot of alkaloids that will excite the cerebral cortex. If you drink the hair tip before going to bed, it will over excite the nerves, causing insomnia or aggravating symptoms such as neurasthenia.
    4. Avoid drinking after drinking. Maojian has a strong effect of exciting the nerve center. Drinking strong tea after drunk will increase the burden on the heart.Drinking tea will also accelerate the diuretic effect, so that the toxic aldehydes in alcohol are excreted from the kidneys before they are decomposed, which is more irritating to the kidneys and endangers health.Therefore, do not drink tea for people who are sick or have poor heart and kidney function.5. Avoid drinking strong tea.The high content of polyphenols, alkaloids, and fluorine in Maojian strong tea can cause a variety of physical discomforts and even endanger health.
    Hairy bubble methodThe amount of tea: The amount of tea used when making tea can vary from person to person, but not too little.In general, tea is used in the proportion of three points tea and seven points water or four points tea and six points water.Maojian tea is suitable for CIC.First make the water one-third full, put in the tea, gently shake the cup with your hand, so that the tea can be moistened and fully stretched, and then introduce the water into the seven-point full.Pouring water into Qifenwan is a common brewing method for green tea.
    Tea set: Choosing tea sets and drinking Xinyang Maojian tea, the requirements for tea sets are not high.But green tea is an ornamental drink.In order to observe the color and smell the taste, you can use a transparent glass or a white porcelain cup.You cannot use a cup or pot with a lid.Because you cannot cover or cover when making Xinyang Maojian tea, or the soup and leaves will turn yellow.One is to be practical; the other is to have appreciation value; the third is to be conducive to the development of tea.
    Xinyang Maojian brewing method process:The first step is to put an appropriate amount of tea into the cup;The second step is to pour boiling water (water temperature can be high) into the cup (half a cup is enough) and shake it when the tea leaves are about to brew (not too long), pour out the water in the cup (water can be poured dry) .Its purpose is to remove the earthy taste of tea and floating debris;The third step is to pour boiling water at a suitable temperature into the cup, and wait for the tea leaves to brew before drinking.But the tea in the cup can’t be drunk every time, only drink 1/2 of the tea, and then pour the water.The purpose is to keep the concentration of the tea moderate.Xinyang Maojian has a pure taste and full color and taste, and the price of Xinyang Maojian is not very expensive. Of course, you must buy authentic Xinyang Maojian.
    Water: Before brewing Xinyang Maojian tea, you must first prepare the best Maojian tea (spring tea picked before Gu Yu), glass cup, and teaspoon.The water temperature of Maojian tea is 85-90°C. Too high or too low water temperature will directly affect the brewing quality of Maojian tea.Xinyang Maojian has relatively high water requirements.The best water should be mountain spring water, followed by pooled mountain water.Water with more hard water and alkali is not suitable for brewing Maojian tea.It is also good to choose pure mineral water in daily life.
    Correct soaking method1. CleanerBefore soaking the Xinyang Maojian, you need to use boiling water to scald the tea set, which has the effect of high temperature disinfection, which can not only remove the peculiar smell of the tea set, but also help to volatilize the tea fragrance.
2. Dry waterXinyang Maojian is mostly made from 1 bud and 1 leaf, and the tea is delicate and tender. Therefore, the water temperature should not be too high for brewing Xinyang Maojian, and it is appropriate to use about 80 degrees.Too high water temperature will scald the tea buds, resulting in a large loss of vitamin C substances, and the taste is not delicious enough.    3. Enjoy teaXinyang Maojian tea is thin, round, tight and straight.Before brewing Xinyang Maojian, you can take a closer look at its unique quality characteristics.
    4. Water injectionWhen brewing Xinyang Maojian, you usually use the mid-investment method to brew, first pour one-third of the glass of boiling water, and then set the tea.
    5. Set teaPutting tea is also called Xiangming into the palace.People usually call each glass cup as the crystal palace, and the amount of tea in each cup is about 3-5 grams.(Specifically, the amount of tea can be determined according to personal taste, but recommends that you do not drink strong tea soup)6. BrewWhen brewing Xinyang Maojian, the principle of “high flushing, low pouring tea” is emphasized.When pouring water into the glass, you need to raise the kettle high, let the boiling water bet from the high point, so that the Xinyang Maojian tea leaves are rolled and scattered in the kettle, so that the organic substances in the tea are fully released.
    7. AppreciationThe Xinyang hair tip after brewing, the tea soup is tender and green in color, the bottom of the leaves is tender and soft, and the buds and leaves become flowers, sometimes floating up and sometimes sinking, which is very vivid and beautiful.
8. Smell the fragranceXinyang Mao has a high-point bubble fragrance and a strong second bubble flavor. After brewing, the fragrance is high and refreshing, fresh and lasting, and has a pure chestnut fragrance.    9. Tasting teaTasting Xinyang Maojian tea, a cup of tea needs to be tasted in three sips, and the taste is bitter in the mouth, turning and sweet, followed by mellow and refreshing, leaving between the teeth and cheeks, which is refreshing and has an endless aftertaste.
    Brewing tipsFor brewing Xinyang Maojian, glassware should be used, and it is best to brew with pure water.In addition, because Xinyang Maojian buds and leaves are delicate, the temperature of the brewing water must be kept between 80 degrees and 90 degrees, too high temperature will cause the tea soup to taste bitter.Finally, Xinyang Maojian tea can generally be re-infused 3 to 5 times, and the taste will become indifferent if it is too many times.

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