What tea is green tea Tieguanyin
    Tieguanyin(Tiě guān yīn) tea, a traditional Chinese tea, belongs toGreen teaLei is one of the top ten famous teas in China.


It was originally produced in Xiping Town, Anxi County, Quanzhou City, Fujian Province, and was discovered in 1723-1735.

“Tieguanyin” is not only the name of tea, but also the name of tea species. Tieguanyin tea lies betweengreen teaandblack teaBetween, belong to halfFermented teaLike Tieguanyin, Tieguanyin has a unique “guanyin rhyme”, a delicate fragrance and elegant rhyme. After brewing, it has a natural orchid fragrance, the taste is pure and strong, and the fragrance is long-lasting.Except with generalteaIn addition to its health care functions, it also has anti-aging, anti-arteriosclerosis, prevention and treatment of diabetes, weight loss and bodybuilding, prevention and treatment of dental caries, clearing heat and reducing fire, and anti-smoking and sobering effects.
    Tieguanyin contains high levels of amino acids, vitamins, minerals,Tea polyphenolsAnd alkaloids, there are a variety of nutrients and medicinal ingredients, which have the function of health preservation and health care.In the eighth year of the Republic of China, it was introduced from Anxi, Fujian Province for trial planting. It is divided into two types: “Red Heart Tieguanyin” and “Green Heart Tieguanyin”. The main producing areas are in the Wenshan period. , The buds are few and the leaves are thick, the yield is not high, but the quality of Baozhong tea is high, and the production period is later than Qingxin Oolong.Its tree shape is slightly, the leaves are oval, the leaves are thick and fleshy.The leaves spread out flat.
On September 18, 2014, three types of Tieguanyin, including “Qiyuan” and “Zhifu”, were detected to exceed the standard of rare earth.    The efficacy and role of TieguanyinAnti-AgingSome scientific studies at home and abroad have shown that human aging is related to the excessive oxidation of unsaturated fatty acids in the body, and the excessive oxidation of unsaturated fatty acids is related to the action of free radicals.Free radicals with high chemical activity can over-oxidize unsaturated fatty acids, cause cell function mutation or decline, cause tissue proliferation and necrosis, and produce deadly diseases.Over-oxidation of lipids is the devil of human health, but the culprit is free radicals.As long as the free radicals are eliminated, cells can achieve normal growth and development and healthy and longevity.
    Generally, the commonly used antioxidants are vitamin C,Vitamin E, They can effectively prevent the excessive oxidation of unsaturated fatty acids.Recently, Japanese researchers have shown that the polyphenolic compounds in Tieguanyin can prevent excessive oxidation; purine alkaloids can indirectly play a role in scavenging free radicals, thereby achieving the purpose of delaying aging.
    Anti-cancerdiseaseCancer is an “incurable disease” that seriously threatens people’s health today.Therefore, in recent years, the research on Tieguanyin tea’s anti-cancer has aroused people’s great interest and attention.A few years ago, there was a report that Shanghai residents have reduced esophageal cancer year by year due to tea drinking, and the fact that tea drinking can prevent the occurrence of cancer has caused great repercussions around the world.Nowadays, tea drinking can prevent cancer and anti-cancer has been recognized by the world, and the best anti-cancer effect in tea is Tieguanyin.
As early as 1983, Professor Okuda Takuo of Okayama University in Japan had screened dozens of plant polyphenol compounds for their anti-cancer effects, and the results proved:catechuWhite(EGCG) has strong anti-cancer activity.Other scientists have confirmed that Tieguanyin tea polyphenols are the main active ingredient of this effect in the research to confirm the anti-mutation of Tieguanyin.In addition, the vitamin C and vitamin E in Tieguanyin can block the synthesis of carcinogens-nitrosamines, and have a greater effect on the prevention and treatment of cancer.    Anti-arteriosclerosisOn May 31, 1999, the fourth meeting was held in Tokyo, JapanOolong teaAt the health seminar, Chen Ling, deputy dean of the Fujian Academy of Traditional Chinese Medicine, reported that they had used 25 obese people with hyperlipidemia as clinical observation objects to explore the effect of drinking oolong tea Tieguanyin on inhibiting the oxidation of low-density lipoprotein in the blood. Improve the effect of lipid metabolism in the blood.Studies have shown that the tea polyphenols and vitamins in Tieguanyin can inhibit the oxidation of low-density lipoproteins in the blood.Dr. Seihiko Hara from the Mitsui Agriculture and Forestry Research Institute in Japan has also confirmed in many years of research that tea polyphenols can not only lower blood cholesterol, but also significantly improve the ratio of high-density lipoprotein to low-density lipoprotein in the blood.
coffeeAlkali can relax blood vessels, speed up breathing, lower blood lipids, and have a certain effect on the prevention and treatment of coronary heart disease, hypertension, arteriosclerosis and other cardiovascular and cerebrovascular diseases.    
According to the Coronary Heart Disease Prevention and Control Research Group of Fujian Medical University in 1974, when a survey of 1080 farmers in Anxi Tea Township, Fujian Province, the incidence rate of not drinking Tieguanyin tea was 3.1%; occasionally drinking 2.3%; drinking all year round (more than 3 years) ) Is 1.4%.It can be seen that people who often drink Tieguanyin have a lower incidence of coronary heart disease than those who do not drink Tieguanyin.    Prevent diabetesDiabetes is a worldwide disease.According to the International Diabetes Federation (IDF) statistics, as of 2011, there were 336 million people with diabetes and 280 million people with prediabetes in the world. In 2011, 4.6 million people died of diabetes worldwide, that is, 1 person died of diabetes every 7 seconds.More than 92 million people in China suffer from diabetes.Diabetes is a chronic and progressive disease of the whole body with glucose metabolism disorders.The typical clinical manifestations are “three more and one less”, that is, polydipsia, polyuria, polyphagia and weight loss, and the whole body is weak and weak.2. This disease is called “Diabetes” in Chinese medicine, and it belongs to the category of Jiao Damp Heat.The main cause of illness is the lack of polyphenols in the body, such as vitamin B1, pantothenic acid, phosphoric acid, methyl salicylate and other ingredients, which make glucose metabolism impaired, blood sugar in the body increases sharply, and metabolism is weakened.
    Japanese medical doctor Ogawa Goshichiro and others have confirmed clinical experiments that regular tea drinking can promptly supplement vitamin B1, pantothenic acid, phosphoric acid, methyl salicylate and polyphenols in the human body, and can prevent the occurrence of diabetes.For moderate and mild diabetes patients, it can reduce blood sugar and urine sugar to very little or completely normal; for severe diabetes patients, it can reduce blood sugar and urine sugar and reduce various main symptoms.
    Weight loss bodybuildingObesity is a nutritional disorder that occurs with the continuous improvement of people’s living standards. It is caused by excessive nutrient intake or insufficient use of energy stored in the body.Obesity not only brings a lot of inconvenience to people’s daily life, but also a cause of cardiovascular disease and diabetes.
    The People’s Hospital of Quanzhou City, Fujian Province used Tieguanyin Slimming Tea to treat 164 obese people, taking 12 to 14 grams of Slimming Tea every day for 15 days as a course of treatment.After two courses of observation, the patient’s blood lipids, triglycerides and cholesterol have been significantly reduced, and the weight has also been reduced.The total effective rate of treatment is more than 70%.
To prevent dental cariesPeople generally think that there are two major diseases that harm people’s teeth, one is tooth decay, and the other is periodontitis.Tooth decay is commonly called tooth decay by Tieguanyin, which is a common and frequently-occurring disease in dentistry.There are many reasons for the occurrence of dental caries. One of the important reasons is that the teeth are poorly calcified, the texture is not hard enough, and they are easily damaged.Drinking tea can protect teeth and has been used in ancient my country.In the Song Dynasty, Su Dongpo said in his “Tea Talks”: “Gargling with strong tea not only removes boredom, but also strengthens teeth and eliminates beetles.“Modern scientific analysis shows that Tieguanyin is rich in fluorine, while general food contains very little fluorine.About 40% to 80% of the fluoride in Tieguanyin is dissolved in boiling water, and it is easily combined with the calcium in the teeth to form a layer of calcium fluorophosphate on the surface of the teeth, which plays a role in preventing acid and caries.    Sterilize and stop dysenteryTieguanyin has long been used to treat dysentery and stomach pain in Anxi folks.There are also many records in ancient Chinese medical books about using tea to treat bacillary dysentery, red dysentery, white dysentery, acute enteritis, and acute gastritis.Why can Tieguanyin play a role in sterilizing and stopping dysentery? Mainly tea polyphenol compounds.After entering the gastrointestinal tract, tea polyphenols can relax the tense function of the intestine and ease the movement of the intestine; at the same time, it can coagulate the intestinal protein, because the bacteria themselves are composed of protein, tea polyphenols and bacterial protein After the encounter, the bacteria die immediately and play a role in protecting the gastrointestinal mucosa, so it has the effect of treating enteritis.
    Clear heat and reduce fireTea is a good drink to prevent heatstroke and cool down.Li Shizhen’s “Compendium of Materia Medica” contains: “Tea is bitter and cold, … it can reduce fire the most, fire is all diseases, and fire is clear.…Warm drinks will cause the fire to drop due to the cold, and hot drinks will rise and disperse due to the fire.“In the midsummer dog days, when the cool day is empty, and the heat is pressing, drinking a cup of cool Tieguanyin or a cup of hot Tieguanyin will feel cool physically and mentally, and will relieve the heat.This is because the tea soup contains tea polyphenols, sugars, amino acids, pectins, vitamins, etc., which react chemically with the saliva in the mouth to moisturize the mouth, so it can play a role in producing body fluids and quenching thirst.At the same time, due to the effect of caffeine in Tieguanyin, a large amount of energy is released from the skin pores of the human body.According to reports, drinking a cup of hot tea can release heat from sweat through the skin pores of the human body, which is equivalent to 50 times that of this cup of tea, so it can make people feel cool and relieve the heat.
RefreshingAlmost everyone knows that drinking tea can be refreshing and refreshing.There are many records in medical books of the past dynasties in our country.Bai Juyi’s poem “Thirteen of the East Neighbor Kings” said: “Hand in hand with Chi Bianyue, open your arms and bamboos under the wind.Dispel sorrows and know the power of wine, break sleep and see tea skills.“The poem clearly mentions the power of tea for refreshing sleep.Su Dongpo’s poem said: “Thirty pieces of tea are built, regardless of the taste, as a gift to the Buddhist priest, and the monk’s room to fight the sandman.“He said that he would give Jiancha to the Buddhist priest, so that he could drink it so that he would avoid dozing off during the Zen meditation.Drinking tea can be good for thinking, so it is loved by people, especially by some writers, poets and other mental workers.For example, the great French writer Balzac, the Chinese American female writer Han Suyin, and the famous Chinese writer Yao Xueyin all love tea to help writing ideas.    Tieguanyin is refreshing and refreshing, and its function is mainly the caffeine in tea.Caffeine has the functions of exciting the central nervous system, enhancing thinking, and improving efficiency.Therefore, after drinking tea, it can break sleep, refresh, relieve annoyance, relieve fatigue, clear the mind, improve thinking, and can significantly improve oral defense ability and mathematical thinking response.At the same time, because Tieguanyin contains polyphenols and other compounds, it offsets the adverse effects of pure caffeine on the human body.This is also one of the important reasons why tea drinking has a long history, long-lasting prosperity and continuous development.
    Sober up the enemy smokeTea can sober up against smoke, which is also a well-known fact.The famous sentence of Ming Dynasty agent Wang Yangming, “Just like after being drunk, sober up but need tea”, shows that the people of our country have long realized the effect of drinking tea to sober up.The ancients often “drink their sorrow with wine” and “sober up with tea”.The poet Liu Yuxi of the Tang Dynasty was drunk one day and remembered that Bai Juyi had a “liuban tea” to hangover, so he sent someone to give something to change the tea to sober up, which was passed down as a tea story by posterity.The main ingredient of wine is alcohol, and a glass of wine contains 10% to 70% alcohol.And Tieguanyin tea polyphenols and ethanol (the main component in wine) cancel each other out, so Tieguanyin tea can hangover.But because alcohol stimulates a person’s cardiovascular system greatly, caffeine can also speed up the heartbeat.Therefore, although Tieguanyin has a hangover effect, it is very dangerous to life if people with poor heart function drink tea after drinking.At the same time, you can’t use strong tea to hangover.Many people think that strong tea can hangover, but they don’t know that drinking strong tea after being drunk will not only not have a hangover effect, but it is also harmful to the kidneys.Because most of the decomposition of alcohol is broken down by the liver.After the alcohol is converted into acetaldehyde in the liver, it becomes acetic acid, and the acetaldehyde is decomposed into carbon dioxide and water, and is excreted through the kidneys.Theophylline in strong tea can quickly exert a diuretic effect on the kidneys.This will encourage the undecomposed acetaldehyde to enter the kidneys prematurely.Acetaldehyde has a greater stimulating effect on the kidneys and can cause damage to kidney function.
    Tieguanyin can not only sober up alcohol, but also fight against smoke.Because Tieguanyin contains a phenolic acid substance, it can precipitate the nicotine in the tobacco and excrete it from the body.At the same time, the caffeine in Tieguanyin can improve the liver’s ability to metabolize drugs, promote blood circulation, excrete nicotine in human blood from urine, and reduce and eliminate the side effects of nicotine.Of course, this effect is not only the single effect of caffeine, but the result of synergistic cooperation with various ingredients such as tea polyphenols and vitamin C.
    Main effectAnxi Tieguanyin is a precious natural beverage with beauty and health care functions.
    Beauty, weight loss, anti-agingAnxi Tieguanyin’s crude catechin combination has strong antioxidant activity and can eliminate active oxygen molecules in cells, thereby protecting the human body from aging diseases.The ratio of manganese, iron, fluorine, potassium, and sodium in Anxi Tieguanyin is higher than other teas. Among them, the high fluorine content ranks first among all teas, which has a significant effect on preventing dental caries and senile osteoporosis.
Make friends and be in a good moodAnxi Tieguanyin has unique effects in hospitality, making friends and personal self-cultivation.Anxi Tieguanyin needs to be brewed. When you are waiting for guests, you must boil water and wash your cups. During the preparation process, the host and the host boo cold and warm; the guests drink tea while recounting old times with the host. The process is very harmonious and friendly. .    Prevent cancer and make people smarterAnxi Tieguanyin contains a high selenium content and ranks in the forefront of the six major teas.Selenium can stimulate immune proteins and antibodies to resist disease and inhibit the occurrence and development of cancer cells.At the same time, Anxi Tieguanyin also has an effect on increasing intelligence.
    British scientists have discovered that the acidity and alkalinity of body fluids in the human brain is related to IQ.Tea is an alkaline beverage, Anxi Tieguanyin is significantly alkaline, so regular drinking can adjust the body’s acid-base balance and improve people’s IQ.
    Anxi Tieguanyin is rich in vitamins, caffeine, amino acids, minerals, and tea polyphenols.
RefreshingAnxi Tieguanyin can refresh your mind, and its function is mainly the caffeine in tea.Caffeine has the functions of exciting the central nervous system, enhancing thinking, and improving efficiency.Therefore, after drinking tea, it can break sleep, refresh, relieve annoyance, relieve fatigue, clear the mind, improve thinking, and can significantly improve oral defense ability and mathematical thinking response.At the same time, because Anxi Tieguanyin contains polyphenols and other compounds, it offsets the adverse effects of pure caffeine on the human body.    Suppress cardiovascular diseaseThe tea polyphenols contained in Tieguanyin play an important role in human fat metabolism.The human body has high levels of cholesterol and triglycerides, fat deposits on the inner wall of blood vessels, and the proliferation of vascular smooth muscle cells to form atherosclerotic plaques and other cardiovascular diseases.
    Tea polyphenols, especially the catechins ECG and EGC in tea polyphenols and their oxidation products, theaflavins, etc., help to inhibit this plaque hyperplasia, reduce the formation of blood coagulation viscosity and enhance fibrinogen, and blood coagulation becomes clear , Thereby inhibiting atherosclerosis.
    Treat tooth hypersensitivityTieguanyin tea has better anti-allergic effect.Don’t throw away Tieguanyin tea after you drank it, you can use it as “waste” and chew it in your mouth, especially on allergic teeth.You can also put fresh Tieguanyin tea leaves directly into the sensitive parts of the teeth and chew gently.When chewing Tieguanyin tea leaves to treat sore teeth, you don’t need to choose very high-grade Tieguanyin tea.
    Life magic1. For scalds or burns, you can use a proper amount of Tieguanyin tea leaves to decoct the thick juice. After quickly cooling, immerse the affected area in the tea; you can also use the tea to apply to the wound, 4-5 times a day.
    2. For motion sickness boats and drunkenness, use a small cup of warm tea in advance and add 2-3 ml of soy sauce to drink.This method can also be used to relieve drunkenness.
3. When brushing your teeth, you can drink tea frequently because the tea is rich in vitamin C, iron and hemostatic components, which can make the gums tough, increase the elasticity of capillaries, and prevent bleeding.    4. Halitosis or excessive smoking caused palpitation and nausea can be relieved by gargle with Tieguanyin and drink an appropriate amount of strong tea.
    5. Prevention and treatment of children’s dental caries Fluoride in tea can prevent teeth from dephosphorization and decalcification in the acidic environment of the oral cavity, so gargle with tea can prevent dental caries.
6. Inflammation and swelling in the skin folds of infants and young children can use Tieguanyin tea leaves to boil water and put them at a suitable temperature for the infants and young children to wash outside.    7. Drinking a cup of new tea after overwork can quickly eliminate fatigue and restore energy.
    8. People who are obese can often drink tea, especially oolong tea, which has a good weight loss effect.
    9. People with high cholesterol and cardiovascular disease drink a cup of tea a day, which can lower cholesterol and protect the cardiovascular system.
    10. People with poor appetite and yellow urine can drink more light tea11. Those who have overeaten greasy and discomfort can drink thicker hot tea, such as drinking brick tea orTuocha, The anti-greasy effect is better.
    12. People who are slightly irritated can drink Tieguanyin to reduce the fire.
    The medicinal value of Tieguanyinnutrient contentAt the beginning of the 19th century, the composition of tea gradually became clear.After modern scientific separation and identification, tea contains more than 450 organic chemical components and more than 40 inorganic mineral elements.The organic chemical components and inorganic mineral elements in tea contain many nutrients and medicinal ingredients.Organic chemical components mainly include: tea polyphenols, plant alkaloids, proteins, vitamins, pectin, organic acids, lipopolysaccharides, carbohydrates, enzymes, pigments, etc.The content of organic chemical components in Tieguanyin, such as tea polyphenols, catechins, and various amino acids, is significantly higher than other teas.
    CatechinsCommonly known as “tea tannin”, it is a unique ingredient of tea, which has bitter, astringent and astringent properties.It can be combined with caffeine in tea soup to relax the physiological effects of caffeine on the human body.It has the functions of anti-oxidation, anti-sudden mutation, anti-tumor, lowering blood cholesterol and low low-density ester protein content, inhibiting blood pressure rise, inhibiting platelet aggregation, antibacterial, anti-product allergy, etc.
    caffeineIt has a bitter taste and is an important ingredient that constitutes the taste of tea soup.In black tea tea soup, it combines with polyphenols to form a compound; after the tea soup is cold, it forms an emulsification phenomenon.The unique catechins and their oxidative condensates in tea can slow down and continue the excitatory effect of caffeine. Therefore, drinking tea can help people who drive long distances to keep their minds clear and have more endurance.
MineralsTea is rich in 11 minerals such as potassium, calcium, magnesium, and manganese.Tea soup contains more cations and less anions, which is an alkaline food.It can help body fluids maintain alkaline and keep healthy.    1. Potassium: promote the elimination of blood sodium.High blood sodium content is one of the causes of high blood pressure. Drinking more tea can prevent high blood pressure.
    2. Fluorine: has the effect of preventing tooth decay.
3. Manganese: It has anti-oxidation and anti-aging effects, enhances immune function, and helps calcium utilization.Because it is insoluble in hot water, it can be ground into tea powder for consumption.    Vitamins1. Carotenoids: It can be converted into vitamins in the human body, but it can be supplemented only after drinking with tea.
    2.B vitamins and vitamin C: they are water-soluble and can be obtained from drinking tea.
    Other functional components1. Flavonols have the effect of strengthening the walls of capillaries and eliminating bad breath.
2. Saponin has anti-cancer and anti-inflammatory effects.    3.Aminobutyric acid is produced by forcing tea leaves to undergo anaerobic respiration during the tea making process, which can prevent high blood pressure.Side effects and contraindications of Tieguanyinpeople suitbleSince Tieguanyin contains more polyphenols, aldehydes, alcohols and other substances, these substances have little effect on healthy people, but they have poor gastrointestinal function, especially for patients with chronic gastrointestinal inflammation. These substances will stimulate the gastrointestinal mucosa, and people with poor gastrointestinal function are more likely to induce stomach problems, so they should not drink more.In addition, Tieguanyin also contains more caffeine, active alkaloids, and a variety of aromatic substances. These substances can also excite the human central nervous system. Patients with neurasthenia and cardiovascular and cerebrovascular diseases should drink them in moderation, and they should not be consumed in moderation. Drink before going to bed or on an empty stomach.
    1. It is not advisable to drink Tieguanyin on an empty stomach in the morningTieguanyin contains strong ingredients. Drinking it on an empty stomach in the early morning is more irritating to the stomach. It will dilute the gastric acid and inhibit the normal secretion of gastric juice. It is not conducive to digestion. In severe cases, it can also cause headaches, palpitations, and upset. Symptoms such as drunkenness, stomach pain, etc., are like being drunk. We call it the “tea drunkenness” phenomenon. If the “tea drunkenness” phenomenon occurs, it is best to eat some snacks or eat a piece of sugar to relieve it. Drink on an empty stomach. Of course, tea is not conducive to the body’s absorption of protein, and it can also cause diseases such as gastric mucositis.
2. Anemia should not drink TieguanyinTieguanyin contains a lot of tannin, and tannic acid can combine with the iron element in the body to form Tieguanyin Make teaThe method becomes insoluble salt, which affects the absorption of iron, so that the body cannot get enough iron. It is especially important to note that women are not suitable for drinking tea during menstruation. Tea can easily cause iron deficiency anemia.    Third, it is not advisable to drink Tieguanyin after drinkingIt is generally believed that after drinking, drinking some tea can sober up, in fact, this is a wrong view, drinking strong tea is even more wrong, because the tea itself can excite the nerve center of a person, and drinking strong tea after drinking will increase the burden on the human heart. Secondly, although tea has a good diuretic effect, drinking tea after drinking will cause the toxic substance in alcohol to be excreted from the kidneys before being fully decomposed, which is very irritating to the kidneys.Therefore, in order to protect the heart and kidneys, do not drink tea after alcohol, especially strong tea like Tieguanyin.
    4. Don’t rush to drink new teaThe essential attribute of tea is coldness. In the process of processing, whether it is charcoal fire or electricity is used for baking, fire will be added, and the cold and fire will blend. From the perspective of Chinese medicine, the freshly made tea belongs to the unadjusted water and fire. , The coldness of tea and the fire brought by baking are both very strong. If you drink it at this time, it will be very harmful to the human body when the balance of cold and fire is achieved through the human body, so it should be stored. The storage of the tea is appropriate, so that the coldness of the tea and the fire of the baking are lowered. The harmony between them is relatively harmonious, softer, and more corresponding to the human body. Drinking at this time is beneficial to human health.
    PrecautionsuseThermos cupThe practice of making tea is wrong.If the tea is brewed in a thermos cup and soaked in high temperature and constant temperature water for a long time, the tea polyphenols, tannins and other substances in the tea will be leached in a large amount, making the tea strong in color and bitter in taste.therefore,Tea setYou should choose ceramics with better air permeability, such as using a purple sand teapot to make tea, without losing the original taste of the tea.
    Tieguanyin’s soaking methodWay of drinkingUse small earthenware pots and small cups (small cups), first heat them with boiling water, then fill the pot with tea leaves equivalent to one-half to two-thirds of the pot’s capacity, and pour it with boiling water.The first two courses of tea are usually discarded, because the tea leaves are beginning to show, the dust is still there, and the burnt and astringent taste is slightly heavy, which is not suitable for entrance.These two teas will be used to warmWash teaCup, after two waters, the tea cup is also warm to bear.Pour the third boiling water into the pot, and pour the tea soup evenly into the small cup after 1 to 2 minutes.
    Brewing skillsStart with water, tea set, and brewing time.It is better to use mountain spring water as the water.It is best to brew with 100℃ boiling water.
    1. Qingxiang series products: the raw materials are all tea trees planted on the rocky soil in Anxi, the birthplace of Tieguanyin, with the comprehensive characteristics of “freshness, fragrance, charm and sharpness”.
    Brewing method: Put 5-10 grams each time into a teacup and brew with boiling water. The tea can be poured out after 10-20 seconds of the first soup. Later, it will be extended sequentially, but it cannot be soaked for a long time. It can be brewed continuously for 6-7 times.Mineral water or pure water is used for brewing, and mountain spring water is the best.
    2. Luzhou-flavored products: Tieguanyin tea made with traditional craftsmanship “Tea is the king, fire is the minister”, using a century-old unique baking method, slow baking with warm fire, and rapid cooling with damp wind.
Luzhou-flavored Tieguanyin is usedPurple Clay TeapotSoak, and use a big mouth.If a small-mouthed purple clay pot is not conducive to the heat dissipation of the tea, the tea will soon “ripen” in the pot, and the taste of the tea will reflect the “astringent” side.    3. Features of Yunxiang series products: “Guanyin Yun” is the unique charm of Anxi Tieguanyin, a symbol of the quality and characteristics of the authentic Tieguanyin, with complete color, fragrance and taste.Due to the place of origin: Nei’anxi Tieguanyin has a pure charm, Wai’anxi Tieguanyin is second, and Hua’an Tieguanyin is weak.
    4. Charcoal roasted aromatic products: The characteristic production method is to bake at 120°C for about 10 hours on the basis of the traditional right taste to improve the taste and mellowness and develop the aroma.The raw materials are all tea trees planted on the rocky soil at high altitudes in Anxi, the birthplace of Tieguanyin, and are carefully selected and refined by traditional techniques.The tea leaves are sufficiently fermented and have a traditional and positive taste. It has a “strong, mellow, moist and special” taste, high fragrance, good sweetness, and full flavor. It has been favored by consumers for a long time.Rhyme type Tieguanyin needs to be usedTureenSoaking, because the cover bowl is made of white porcelain, it does not absorb the smell and conducts heat quickly.
    brewing methodIt seems easy to make tea. Put the tea in a pot, pour hot water, wait for a while, then pour it out, and you’re done “making tea”! On the surface, Tieguanyin tea is just like the decomposition action mentioned above, and you can get a good tea soup! However, it is the first step to make a good tea by meditation, knowing tea, and delving into the characteristics of tea! In addition to the above written records, the actual tea brewing process and when facing different teas and tea utensils are more carefully distinguished, and the tea soup tastes good.
    Anxi Tieguanyin tea has a unique brewing method and is a family of its own.First of all, we must strictly control the three levels of water, tea set, and brewing.“Stone springs are better for water, charcoal fires for furnaces, and small tea sets are the best.” This means that mountain spring water is the best water, and tea sets are compact and convenient. If you use charcoal fire to boil the water, it is best.
    Brewing can be divided into 8 courses according to its procedure:1. Baihe bathing (washing the cup): Wash the tea set with boiling water.
2. Oolong entering the palace (falling tea): Put Tieguanyin tea into the tea set, and the amount of tea placed accounts for about five cents of the capacity of the tea set.    3. Pot high flush (tea making): The boiling water is raised and flushed into the teapot or lid to make the tea rotate.
    4. Spring breeze blowing on the face (scraping foam): Use the pot cover or the cup cover to gently scrape off the floating white foam to make it fresh and clean.
    5. Guan Gong City Tour (pouring tea): Pour the tea that has been brewed for one or two minutes into the juxtaposed tea cups in turn.
    6. Han Xin ordering soldiers (ordering tea): When the tea is poured a little, it should be evenly dripped into each teacup.
    7. Appreciate the color of the soup (see tea): Appreciate the color of the tea in the cup.
    8. Taste and sip the Ganlin (drink tea): Take the heat to garnish, smell the fragrance first, then taste the taste, sip and smell, and drink lightly.Although the drink is not much, it can leave the fragrance on the cheeks, and the bottom of the throat is sweet, refreshing, and not interesting.
Brewing artFor the art of brewing, it is a procedure that pays attention to the coexistence of reason and interest, and pays attention to both form and spirit.The tea brewing process can be divided into: preparing tea, enjoying tea, placing tea, brewing, serving tea, tasting tea, refilling, and closing.
    Tieguanyin is best brewed with a ceramic tea set with a cover bowl. Use pure water as much as possible. It is better to use boiling water for each brewing. The soaking time is slightly longer after 5 courses.
No more than 7 courses of tea, if spring tea is basically 5 courses, there is no obvious tea aroma after it is tea slag, although it has a taste, it has no health care effect.The longer the Tieguanyin is, the better it tastes. The aftertaste of tea is unique to good tea, so it is better to taste new tea, and the good Tieguanyin has acidity. If it is stored for a long time, the acidity will gradually lose.    In the process of making tea, the body should maintain a good posture, the head should be straight, the shoulders should be flat, and the eyes and movements should be harmonious and natural during the movement.In the process of making tea, you should sink your shoulders, hang your elbows, and lift your wrists.The ups and downs of the wrist should drive the movement of the hand, and the elbow should not be raised high.
    During the brewing process, the left and right hands should be alternated as much as possible. Do not always use one hand to complete all the movements, and try not to cross the left and right hands.
    When brewing, you must grasp the principle of high brewing and low pouring, that is, you can hang the pot to high brew when you flush, or use various methods according to the needs of making tea, but if you are pouring the tea soup, you must lower the tea brewer to make the tea as much as possible Reduce the time in the air to maintain the temperature and aroma of the tea soup.
    Tastetea bagIncluding 4 aspects: 1 review the name of the tea, 2 view the shape and color of the tea (dry tea, tea soup), 3 smell the tea (dry tea, tea soup), 4 taste the taste.

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