Brown sugar ginger water

White tea brown sugar ginger waterBrown sugar ginger water is a dish made from brown sugar and ginger as the main ingredients, and it is a home-cooked drink.

Brown sugar ginger water

Winter is here, and it is inevitable to have a cold. Drink a drink when the weather is cold. Sisters drink a drink when they come on a small day. It is very comfortable. My husband often has a cold back. It warms the stomach again, and goes cold again.


    Brown sugar ginger water effectRegulate menstrual period    
GingerThe brown sugar water can raise the body temperature in the human body, increase our body’s energy, activate the qi and blood, promote the blood circulation in the body, and make menstruation smoother.It has a very great therapeutic effect on the irregular menstruation of female friends.After menstruation, female friends who have a bad complexion can drink ginger brown sugar water, and their complexion will be restored immediately.It is recommended to drink a glass of ginger brown sugar water before eating Chinese meals every day, and the concentration is about 20%.Keep away from the coldGinger has the effect of sweating, which can effectively protect against colds.If it is raining or freezing, you can drink a cup of brown sugar ginger water.After drinking the brown sugar ginger water, cover it with a quilt to get sweat, so as to avoid the risk of catching wind and cold.Reduce swelling and painThe ginger brown sugar water is not only drinkable, but also can be used for external application.Help lose weight and prevent motion sicknessBrown sugar ginger water has the effect of preventing motion sickness and losing weight.If you are traveling for motion sickness, nausea, or vomiting, you can prepare brown sugar and ginger in advance.Contraindications for drinking brown sugar ginger water1. It is not recommended to drink brown sugar ginger water before going to bed;2. People with dyspepsia who have yin deficiency and internal heat and people with diabetes cannot drink it.    3.During the period of taking the drug, it is not recommended to drink brown sugar water.
    4. Pregnant women are not suitable for drinking brown sugar ginger water.How to make brown sugar ginger water1. Deduct the skin of ginger, cut into thin slices, then cut into filaments, and then chop into the end for use.
    2.Put boiling water in the pot, add the minced ginger after boiling, and then add an appropriate amount of brown sugar after boiling for a while.It should be put according to the amount of water, too much will be too sweet, too little will lose the taste.
    3. After adding the brown sugar, continue to cook on a low heatAbout 10 minutes, then transfer to a bowl and drink while hot.Don’t wait to let it cool before drinking, as the effect will be much worse.
    4. When choosing brown sugar, don’t choose loose or light red ones. It’s best to choose hard, large pieces and dark red ones that are purer in color.Also look at the packageThe QS mark should have a clear manufacturer, address, telephone number, sanitary qualification number, etc., and the production date should also be newer.There are also brown sugar for pregnant women, brown sugar for pregnant women, ginger brown sugar, etc., which can be selected according to your needs.
5. Brown sugar water can also be addedWhite fungus,Wolfberry, Red dates or red beans are boiled together, which is beneficial for water and diuresis. It also helps to discharge uterine waste during menstruation, and can relieve symptoms of abdominal distension and waist tightness.
    6. In addition, brown sugar is warm in nature. In the hot summer, if the mother eats it for a long time, it will increase sweat, thirsty and dry throat. If accompanied by postpartum infections, fever, dizziness, palpitation, and increased vaginal bleeding may occur. Therefore, although brown sugar is good, it should be consumed according to the situation.

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