Is it true that Yunnan people don’t drink Pu’er tea?

Is it true that people in Yunnan don’t drink Pu’er tea?
    Pu’er teaThe reputation in our country is quite big. People who don’t love tea in time and don’t understand tea all know Pu’er.

Is it true that Yunnan people don't drink Pu'er tea?

Pu’er tea is produced in Yunnan and is a special product of Yunnan. Pu’er tea has a wide range of varieties and good quality, and is deeply loved by the Chinese people.

However, according to a traveler in Yunnan, Yunnan people do not drink Pu’er tea. Is this true? Why don’t they drink Pu’er tea?Is it true that Yunnan people don’t drink Pu’er tea?Pu’er tea is produced in Pu’er, Yunnan and other places and is a geographical indicationtea.The climate here is very good, the temperature is warm, and the rain is abundant throughout the year, so the quality of the tea produced is very good.Because of the different production methods, the types of Pu’er tea and the taste are different, but it is certain that Pu’er tea is the pride of Yunnan people.However, it is understood that some Yunnan people do not drink Pu’er tea.Why don’t people in Yunnan drink Pu’er tea1. Climate reasonsMost parts of Yunnan are middle-elevation areas, where there are many mountains and plateaus.Take Kunming in Yunnan as an example. Kunming is above the Yunnan-Guizhou Plateau, with an altitude of 1895 meters. Because of the high altitude, the boiling point here is low, and the water opens at 92.5 degrees.And Pu’er tea isFermented tea, It needs to be brewed at high temperature, the boiling point of Yunnan water is too low, the aroma and taste of Pu’er tea brewed at this water temperature are not very good.
    2. Reasons for water qualityYunnan is located on a high mountain plateau. The water quality here is plateau soft water. This water can be drunk. However, compared with water in Jiangsu, Zhejiang and other places, the mineral content is too high, and the concentration of calcium and magnesium plasma is too large. The tea fragrance in the cooked tea is stimulated, so the Pu’er tea made by Yunnan people does not have a silky, fragrant and waxy feeling.
    3. The reason of Pu’er tea itselfIn 1973, the market had a great demand for fermented tea. At that time, the processing methods were relatively simple, the sanitary conditions were poor, and the raw materials used to make cooked tea were very low-end. There is a certain understanding of tea processing methods, so there is a psychological resistance to Pu’er tea.

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