Procedures and precautions for brewing green tea

The procedure and precautions for brewing green tea
    green teaIs unfermented tea,teaA large amount of natural substances in it have been completely retained, so He green tea has great benefits for body health.

Procedures and precautions for brewing green tea

However, many people don’t know the green tea brewing process. Let’s introduce the specific steps in detail below. Everyone should pay attention to it.Brew green teaNotes.

Procedure for brewing green tea1. SpareFor brewing green tea, you generally choose white porcelain cups or glass cups, and do not have a lid, which can increase the transparency and facilitate us to watch the green tea stretch out.So, we first prepare glass cups or white porcelain cups.    
2. Warm cupAfter preparing the utensils, we also need to boil water, usually pure water or mineral water to make green tea.After the water is boiled, the first thing is to warm the cup, that is, pour boiling water into the empty cup, and let the boiling water scald the cup again, which can increase the temperature of the cup and kill the bacteria inside.    
    3.Make tea
Take 150mlTureenAs an example, the amount of tea poured is generally three grams, take the tea out and put it into the tea cup.Then inject hot water in the way of Phoenix three nods. The water temperature is 85-90 degrees is the best.Don’t fill the water too full, it’s enough if it’s 70% full.The soup should be made quickly, and after filling the water, pour the tea soup into the fair cup.Precautions for brewing green teaWhen brewing green tea, you must pay attention to controlling the water temperature.If it is a relatively delicate tea, it will generally be brewed with hot water of about 85 degrees.If the temperature is too high, it will easily scald the tea.If the tea is not very delicate, it is generally brewed with hot water at about 90 degrees.
    Brewing green tea is as simple as that. Everyone pays attention to the process of brewing green tea. At the same time, pay attention to controlling the water temperature of the tea.

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