How to brew raw Pu’er tea

How to make raw Pu’er teaHow to brew properlyPu’er tea, Today we will briefly talk aboutPu’er teaThe correct brewing.

How to brew raw Pu'er tea

Pu’er raw tea is very old and fragrant. Raw tea is generally 3-5 years old. If it is old tea, it may take longer, but whether it is raw tea or old tea, it is very good in short. The taste of the brew must also be very delicious.

How to brew raw Pu’er tea The correct brewing method of raw Pu’er tea1. The amount of teaThe amount of raw Pu’er tea is based on the amount of tea brewedTea setTo serve, what we generally want to use isPurple Clay Teapotor it could beTureen, The conventional ratio is 1:50, the most important ratio is the amount of water andteaThe comparison of the ingredients must be just right, otherwise the brewed tea will be lighter and very bitter.
    2. Water temperatureThe water temperature of Pu’er raw tea is also very important.We generally use a temperature between 92 degrees and 95 degrees. If it is an old tea, the water temperature may be higher.When we brew Pu’er raw tea, the water temperature in the front can be slightly lower, and then the temperature of the water can be appropriately increased in the back, so that the strength of the water temperature can be controlled.    
    3. TimeThe time for brewing raw Pu’er tea should not be too long. Raw tea is generally easier to brew, so the time is relatively short. It is probably only a few seconds when brewing raw Pu’er tea. The tea soup is very good.Don’t take more than one minute at most, otherwise you will be more old-fashioned, so you must control your time in this regard.
    4. Out the soupThe Pu’er raw tea soup just brewed is very delicious, and it is also very enjoyable and beautiful to drink.Whenever I drink a small cup, my mood will really be much better, and there will be a feeling that the more I drink, the more I want to drink.Now everyone knows how Pu’er raw tea is brewed. Pu’er raw tea is also a very tasteful tea, which is very, very delicious.

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