What kind of tea is Monkey King Jasmine?

What kind of tea is Monkey King Jasmine?When I was a child, my mother likedStir-fried tea, The most eaten at home is the tea made by my mother, besides, it is Monkey King Jasminescented teaNS.

What kind of tea is Monkey King Jasmine?

At that time, the monkey kingJasmine teaIt is a very extravagant existence, and only when it comes to entertaining guests, I am willing to give it a little.

Next, let’s take a look at the effects of Monkey King Jasmine.

What kind of tea is Monkey King Jasmine?

Monkey King Jasmine tea is actually jasmine tea, which is drunk with jasmine flowersteaMade.However, the brand of Monkey King is really well-known. It has won the titles of “Chinese Tea Famous Brand”, “China Well-known Trademark”, and many other soluble titles. It has also repeatedly ranked first in tea sales.At that time, Monkey King Jasmine Tea was a match for Moutai.

The efficacy and role of monkey king jasmine

1. Qi movement and depression

Monkey King JasmineTea setIt has the effect of red copper, because the volatile oil contained in jasmine can promote qi and relieve chest and abdomen pain.Drinking monkey king jasmine tea is extremely beneficial to the tenesmus caused by dysentery.Jasmine tea can also relieve depression and regulate mood.

2. Stabilize nerves

Monkey King Jasmine Tea has the effect of stabilizing nerves and can make people feel more stable. For people who are too nervous, drinking jasmine tea can relax the nerves, help relieve bad emotions, and promote sleep and improve The effect of sleep quality.

3. Remove bad breath

Monkey King Jasmine Tea itself has a very fragrant smell, it can kill bacteria, eliminate bacteria in the mouth, and give the mouth a fresh and natural environment.It can prevent and treat oral ulcers.And Monkey King Jasmine Tea contains fluorine, which can prevent dental caries.

The effects of Monkey King Jasmine Tea have been introduced to everyone. I wonder if you have ever drunk it? What is the Monkey King Jasmine in your memory?

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