What kind of person is Xiaoqing Tang suitable for?

What kind of tea is better for small green tangerines?
    Little Green MandarinIt uses Xinhui green tangerines, after removing the pulp, put it inAged Pu’erIt is made afterwards. No chemicals are added during the production process. It is completely the result of the perfect combination of green peel and ripe Pu’er tea.

What kind of person is Xiaoqing Tang suitable for?

Therefore, there are not a few people who love to drink small green tangerines.

However, some people can’t drink small green tangerines, come and see if you belong to such a group.
What kind of person is Xiaoqing Tang suitable for?1. People who smoke for a long timeLong-term smoking is actually extremely harmful to the body, and it will damage the health of the respiratory tract, blood vessels, digestive tract and lungs.Drinking small green tangerines can remove harmful substances in cigarettes. This is because the small green tangerines containTea polyphenolsAnd vitamin C, can degrade these harmful substances and let them be eliminated through feces.    
2. People who often use computersXiaoqingkan is suitable for people who often use computers, because computer radiation will have some effects on the body, especially personal skin.The small green tangerine contains a lot of vitamin C, carotene, and trace elements, tea polyphenols, which can prevent radiation and can delay aging.    
    3. People with gastrointestinal stagnationThe small green tangerine is made from green peel and ripe general. The green peel can regulate the qi and have the effect of harmonizing the stomach and invigorating the stomach. It is suitable for people with gastrointestinal stagnation.The pace of life of modern people is accelerating. Irregular diet and irregular work and rest often cause gastrointestinal problems. At this time, drinking some small green tangerines can regulate qi and invigorate the stomach.Who can’t drink Xiaoqinggan?Xiaoqing citrus actually has a certain coldness, so people with weak spleen and stomach should not drink it, which will weaken the function of the spleen and stomach, which is not conducive to the health of the spleen and stomach.Especially for people who have gastric attacks, drinking small green tangerines can cause hyperacidity and reflux gastric acid, which has the side effect of aggravating gastric ulcers.At the same time, people who often suffer from insomnia should not drink it, which will affect the quality of sleep.
    After knowing who is suitable to drink Xiaoqing Tang, quickly take a look at your physique and see if you can drink Xiaoqing Tang.

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