How to transfer raw Pu’er to cooked Pu’er

How to turn ripe Pu’er tea with raw Pu’er
    Pu’er teaEveryone knows the warmth of Pu’er tea, but when it comes to the warmth of Pu’er tea, it actually depends on which type of Pu’er tea, because Pu’er tea can also be divided into raw and ripe. If it isShengpuEr, it will have a bit bitter taste, but the cooked Pu’er will feel warm and moist. The raw and ripe Pu’er depends entirely on the characteristics of the tea and the difference in the tea making process. Then how does the raw Pu’er become ripe? Let’s take a look at how many years it will take for Shengpu to become familiar.

How to transfer raw Pu'er to cooked Pu'er


The difference between raw Pu’er and cooked Pu’erEveryone knows that there are two major categories of Pu’er tea, raw Pu’er and cooked Pu’er, but raw Pu’er and cooked Pu’er are not the same. First of all, from the type of aroma, we know the difference between raw Pu’er and cooked Pu’er. , Raw Pu’er is more spicy, strong and stimulating.Raw Pu’er TeaThe effect is remarkable, andCooked Pu’er TeaIt is very mild, and the general population can drink cooked Pu’er tea appropriately to achieve a certain health maintenance effect and effect.    Turn raw Pu’er into mature Pu’erWhen the raw Pu’er is soaked, the general color is turquoise or emerald green. If the raw Pu’er is stored for a longer period of time, the raw Pu’er will also have a scent of scent, and it will have a little lotus leaf. Fragrance, cooked Pu’er tea naturally comes with a natural jujube fragrance, which is warm and pleasant, but everyone should know that raw Pu’er cannot directly transform mature Pu’er. It does not mean that raw Pu’er can be transformed into mature Pu’er after many years. Successful, from the perspective of the tea properties and the tea-making process at the beginning, raw Pu’er and cooked Pu’er are two different types of tea, so don’t be fooled by bad merchants outside!Regarding how you want to know how raw Pu’er turns into ripe Pu’er, how many years it takes for raw Pu’er to turn into cooked Pu’er, you can find the answer here, remember to forward it to the novice tea friends around!

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