How to make raw Pu’er tea taste better

How to make good raw Pu’er tea like tea
    Pu’er teaIt is a very distinctive tea, with a very unique taste, which has won the hearts of a large number of tea lovers.

How to make raw Pu'er tea taste better

    Pu’er teaIt is also the most popular type of tea, because it has not been fermented,teaThe content inside is very rich, and the health care effect is extremely strong.

However, you must pay attention to the brewing method when drinking raw Pu’er tea. Next, let’s take a look at how to make raw Pu’er tea.
How to make raw Pu’er tea taste better1. Get ready firstTea set, General use for brewing raw Pu’er teaTureenIt’s better. The lid has a larger caliber. As long as we don’t cover the lid when brewing, it is easy to radiate the heat and there will be no peculiar smell.And the raw tea does not need too high water temperature, it is better to brew with a hanging water line.Be careful not to useThermos cupBrewing, this will cause the tea soup to be too thick and have a bitter and astringent taste.    
2. Then boil the water, it is best to choose pure water or mineral water to soak Pu’er tea and pour the boiled boiling water into the bowl, which can play a role in warming the cup and washing utensils.Then put in about five grams of tea, to make delicious Pu’er raw tea, you must pay attention to the water temperature, the water temperature does not need to be too high, about 90 degrees will do.    
    3. Next, to proceedWash tea, Using low-impact method to inject water,First bubbleIt is a wake-up tea. The raw Pu’er tea is awakened with boiling water, and then boiled water is injected again. This time it is a moisturizing tea. The aroma of the tea can be tested. The inner quality of the tea can be seen through the color and transparency of the tea soup.
    4. Pay attention to slowly inject boiling water along the inner wall of the bowl, so that the tea leaves are fully moistened, and the tea soup is evenly leached, so that the coordination of the soup can be improved.Pay attention to the first three bubbles to make the soup quickly, and the next few bubbles can extend the soup time, so as to ensure the aroma and taste of the tea soup.
How to make raw Pu’er tea taste better? As long as everyone pays attention to the above points, there is basically no problem in brewing delicious Pu’er raw tea.    

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