Benefits and disadvantages of Dayi Pu’er tea

The advantages and disadvantages of tea teaGreat benefitPu’er teaThe drinking value and collection value are very high, so everyone likes it very much, althoughDayi Pu’er TeaThe price is higher than other ones on the marketteaThe store must be slightly higher, but you get what you pay for. The high quality of Dayi Pu’er tea is only known to those who have drunk it. Such a warm and moist Dayi Pu’er tea has great benefits for the human body, everyone It is also necessary to understand the disadvantages of Dayi Pu’er Tea in order to drink Dayi Pu’er Tea more healthily!

Benefits and disadvantages of Dayi Pu'er tea


Benefits of Dayi Pu’er TeaDetoxificationDayi Pu’erTea setThere are raw teas and cooked teas. First of all, let me tell you about the benefits.Pu’er teaThe benefits of Dayi Pu’er raw tea, which is bitter in the mouth and spicy and fresh in taste, has the benefits of promoting body fluids and quenching thirst, eliminating phlegm, removing lung heat and detoxification. It is great for people who often develop acne or get angry. Pu’er raw tea is most suitable.
    Nourish the stomach and protect the stomachThe benefits of Dayi Pu’er Ripe Tea and raw tea are just the opposite. Because the mouth is warm and refreshing, Dayi Pu’er Ripe Tea has the benefit of nourishing the stomach and protecting the stomach. Drinking Dayi Pu’er Ripe Tea can also repair it over time. Benefits of damaged gastric mucosa.    Disadvantages of Dayi Pu’er TeaCoolerIf you like to drink Dayi Pu’er raw tea regularly, but ignore the disadvantages of Dayi Pu’er raw tea, it will harm everyone’s health. Dayi Pu’er raw tea has more cold components, and it is easy for the body to be cold. People with diarrhea, it is best not to drink Dayi Pu’er tea frequently, it will be more likely to cause diarrhea and abdominal pain.
    Refuse overdoseDrinking any tea should be maintained at a moderate level. If you drink Dayi Pu’er tea in excess, it will easily lead to faster breathing. The latter is harmful to the heartbeat, arrhythmia, etc., especially for the heart. People in the world should avoid excessive consumption of Dayi Pu’er Tea.
Let me talk about the advantages and disadvantages of Dayi Pu’er tea. Every tea is a double-edged sword. Everyone must recognize the facts. Don’t overdose it, there will be no harm in general!

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