How long can Pu’er green cakes be stored?

How long can Yunnan Pu’er tea cakes be stored?forPu’er Green CakeThis kind of tea, I believe many people don’t understand it very well, in fact, it isPu’er teaKind of.

How long can Pu'er green cakes be stored?

The freshly made Pu’er green cake has astringent taste and not very good taste. Generally, it needs to be stored for a few months before eating.

Pu’er green cake has an advantage, that is, the more aging, the more fragrant it is. However, any substance has its shelf life. Then, how long can Pu’er green cake be stored?How long can Pu’er green cakes be stored?Pu’er green cake is the best when stored for 5-7 yearsPu’er tea, The Pu’er green cake during this time has the most mellow taste and the strongest aroma.Don’t misunderstand the saying that the more aging the Pu’er tea is, the more fragrant it is. This is based on the shelf life.Under normal circumstances, the maximum age of Pu’er green cake is 15-20 years. If it exceeds this time limit, Pu’er green cake is harmful to the body.How to store Pu’er green cake tea for a long time1. Dry warehouse agingPut Pu’er green cake tea in a low-temperature, dry environment, and let Pu’er green cake tea slowly transform in this environment, so that the authenticity of Pu’er tea can be completely preserved.In order to speed upteaFor the aging of the tea, it will be placed in a wet warehouse and piled up to form a high-temperature environment for rapid fermentation.
2. Pay attention to the temperaturePu’er green cake tea has a strong collection value because it will slowly age during the collection process. However, when you save it, you should pay attention to the temperature The sudden change is great, and it has a great impact on the taste of the tea soup.    3. Avoid odorsTea is extremely easy to absorb other flavors, and the same is true of Pu’er green cake.Therefore, put Pu’er green cakes in an environment with no peculiar smell, and do not put them in the kitchen or bathroom.
    Pu’er green cake can be stored for a long time.At the same time, pay attention to the long-term preservation of Pu’er green cake.

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