How to brew Baihao Silver Needle

How to brew Baihao Silver Needle for Puer Tea
    BaihaoyinzhenIt is a very healthy tea. It is very effective. It is a good habit to have a good after-dinner tea for digestion and afternoon tea to increase the spirit.

How to brew Baihao Silver Needle

Baihao Silver Needle Tea is a good antipyretic, and it also has the effects of dispelling heat and detoxification. It is a very good tea and has a sterilization effect. It is better thangreen teaIt’s a good tea.

How to brew Baihao Silver Needle1. PrepareTea set
First of all, we want to brew a cup of Baihao Silver Needle. We usually choose to use a colorless and flowerless glass to brew, because the glass has a very transparent feeling, and it is a good way to observe the changes in the shape of the tea. There is a good appreciation of the color of the soup and a process of constant change, so we generally choose to use a glass to brew Baihao Yinzhen tea.    
2. Set teaPutting tea is to put tea to take tea. Put it according to your own bitter gourd. It is best to put it according to the ratio of tea to water. Also, put it according to the capacity of the tea set, because this is the most accurate and can be very accurate. Good help to a correct amount for us, it is recommended not to drink too strong tea, it is best to drink weak tea, which is good for the body.    
3. BrewThe next most important time is to brew. When brewing, we only need to pay attention to some water temperature. Generally, the water temperature should not exceed 95 degrees.If the water temperature is too high, the brewed Baihao Yinzhen tea is very bad, and you must master the right temperature, so that the brewed tea is the most nutritious.The brewing process takes about three minutes to brew.    4. TastingAfter we have brewed the Baihao Yinzhen tea, we will start to taste the taste of the tea.The taste of Baihao Yinzhen tea is very good. It has a very good sweet, fragrant and smooth taste. As long as you have a small sip, you can feel it. The taste is very mellow, thick, sweet and sweet. It is very memorable.

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