The efficacy and function of Pasha ancient tree tea

Black tea or Pu’er tea is betterPashaAncient tree teaYesPu’er teaOne kind, the tea bud is very plump, it is a very standard Yunnan big leaf tea.

The efficacy and function of Pasha ancient tree tea

The environment in which Pasha ancient tree tea grows is very unique, so the dry tea has a very unique forest atmosphere.

Pasha ancient tree tea has a unique aroma, the tea soup is fresh and sweet, let’s take a look at the role of Pasha ancient tree tea.
    The efficacy and function of Pasha ancient tree tea1. AntioxidantPasha Old TreeTea setIt has obvious anti-oxidant effect, becauseteainsideTea polyphenolsCompared with flavonoids, it can prevent the occurrence of peroxidation reaction in the body, and play a role in removing and preventing free radicals.Free radicals are the main cause of our body’s aging. Drinking Pasha ancient tree tea can resist oxidation and delay aging.
2. Lowering blood lipidsPasha ancient tree tea can reduce the cholesterol content in the blood, and can also lower blood pressure, reduce the viscosity of the blood, inhibit platelet aggregation, and prevent cardiovascular disease.According to a survey in the Netherlands, drinking Pasha tea can significantly reduce the risk of coronary heart disease.    
    3. Lose weightPasha ancient tree tea contains vitamin P and saponins, which can play a very unique role in reducing fat and losing weight.In France, Italy, Japan and other countries, Pasha ancient tree tea is a very popular slimming tea.
    4. Radiation protectionPasha ancient tree tea also has the effect of radiation protection, which can reduce the damage and exposure to cobalt 60 radiation to the body.We live in an electrical environment every day.The radiation caused by computers, mobile phones and air conditioners is very serious.Drinking Pasha ancient tree tea can help prevent radiation and protect the skin.
    The effect of Pasha ancient tree tea is introduced here to everyone. Pasha ancient tree tea is a very rare ancient tree tea. It not only has a unique taste, but also has a strong effect.

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