How to use purple clay pot

What kind of tea is white tea and how to use purple clay teapoteverybody knowsPurple Clay TeapotIt is something with a long history, it is specially usedMake teaThe tea made in a purple clay pot is very delicious and very healthy.

How to use purple clay pot

The purple clay pot is the only one roasted in mud in the worldTea set, Then how are we going to use this kind of purple clay pot, let’s take a look together.

How to use purple clay teapot1. Open the potThe new purple clay pot needs to be dealt with. This process is to open the pot.There are several ways to open the pot. First, we can use water to boil for at least an hour. The specific method is to separate the lid and the body of the pot, put cold water into the pot, and then slowly heat it to boil for one hour. After that, turn off the heat, so that the purple clay pot is clean, and it is very good to cook like this.
    2. Raising a potWhen we put the newly boughtTeapotAfter that, the next step is to raise the pot.Raising a pot is actually very important.Compared with opening a pot, the process of raising a pot is quite long and requires a good patience.It must be raised in the process of tasting tea, not in the process of raising the pot.    
    3. Make teaWe can putblack teaor it could bePu’er teaPut it in the purple clay pot, and then it can be very goodteaAfter brewing, it has a good health effect, and it is brewed in a purple clay pot.Tea water, Drinking like this often has a lot of benefits for the body. It can help the health of one of our bodies very well. The effect is very good and very useful.
    4. Run the potSpeaking of purple clay pots, we still need to pay attention to a few points in the process of making tea, especially not to let the purple clay pot contact with oil, because greasy things will penetrate into the purple clay pot, so use tea The towels are clean, do not leave the tea soup on the pot noodles, otherwise there will be a lot of tea marks on the pot noodles after a long time.

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