Pu’er tea storage method

Storage method of Pu’er tea in tea bagBut all senior tea friends will buyPu’er teaThe reason for this is that in addition to the unique taste of Pu’er tea, in fact, Pu’er tea can also be preserved for a long time. If a good quality Pu’er tea is stored properly, it can even be stored for more than 50 years, and Pu’er tea can be properly processed. Store aging bettertea, It will not cause the taste of Pu’er tea to change, and the long-term preservation method of Pu’er tea will be introduced to everyone immediately.

Pu'er tea storage method


How to store Pu’er tea in a jarIt is more appropriate to store Pu’er tea in a jar. First of all, because of the well-sealed jar, everyone can easily obtain it, and the point is that the price is not expensive. You can buy a few more at once, and then use it to store Pu’er. Tea is very convenient. Pottery with good airtightness can also avoid the contact of Pu’er tea with the air, which will cause the damp and mold of Pu’er tea. More senior tea friends have said that if you use ceramics to preserve Pu’er tea for a long time, you can also wake up The role of tea.Fresh storage methodIf you think it is complicated to store Pu’er tea in clay pots in Thailand, you can actually store Pu’er tea in fresh-keeping bags. For fresh-keeping bags with good airtightness, the effect can also be comparable to the way of storage in earthenware pots, and If you use a fresh-keeping bag for long-term storage, it will also make it easier for everyone to check the storage status of Pu’er tea in the future, and it will also be more convenient to brew Pu’er tea.
    Do not mix and storeIn addition to the above two points, everyone should also pay attention not to mix Pu-erh tea. When storing Pu-erh tea, do not put Pu-erh tea with other teas, which will stimulate other teas. Sexual taste is contaminated with Pu’er tea, which seriously affects the tea quality and tea feel of Pu’er tea.If you want to store Pu’er tea properly for a long time, everyone should store Pu’er tea separately and place it in a ventilated place to prevent odor.    If you keep Pu-erh tea at home, you must clearly understand the long-term preservation method of Pu-erh tea, so that everyone can drink more high-quality and sweet Pu-erh tea!

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