The efficacy and function of ancient Pu’er raw tea

The Efficacy and Function of Old Pu’er Raw Tea from Yicha HeadquartersOld treePu’er teaYesAncient tree teaA kind of ancient treePu’er teaIs a veryLittle Green Mandarin.

The Efficacy and Function of Old Pu'er Raw Tea

The relativity of the leaves of ancient tree Pu’er teaMesa teaIt is strong and strong, the leaf leather has obvious layering, the petiole is clear, the leaf edge is toothed without regular characteristics, and the leaf back hair is less.

In the actual sense of history and time, the meaning of traditional small green tangerines is to use large leaf species of old trees and shrubs in Yunnan Province as raw materials.The Efficacy and Function of Old Pu’er Raw TeaPu’er ShengTea setIt is prepared to relieve fatigue, lower blood lipids and blood sugar, antibacterial and swelling, and enhance immunity.However, raw Pu’er tea has more specific components, contains various chemical substances and is more irritating, and the stomach and intestines are weak and small, so it must be eaten appropriately.In addition to the role of ancient tree Pu’er tea raw tea, it also has its characteristics.
    The characteristics of ancient tree Pu’er tea raw tea①Dry tea hue and fragranceDry tea is dominated by emerald green to dark green, and some parts turn yellow and bright red.Generally, the taste of freshly made biscuits is not obvious, and if it is high temperature, it will have a dry and sweet taste.
②TasteThe new raw Pu’er tea has obvious taste and higher stimulation.A series of physiological needs such as bitterness, astringency and other taste chemicals in stomatology and the human body, such as sweetening, throat rhyme, tea qi, etc., make many Pu’er tea enthusiasts uncomfortable; the Pu’er tea that has experienced time personally is like astringent light The treasure knife, the softness of cotton hides a thousand catties of power, the energy of time is soft but it is shocking, if it is not for the real experience of myself, it is really impossible to say…③Tea soup colorDominated by yellow-green and emerald green.    ④Leaf bottomNew systemteaDominated by emerald green and light green.High specificity, tougher and malleable.The elderly often say that drinking more tea is good for the human body. According to this effect, it is true!

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