How to brew Meitan Cuiya

The brewing method of tea Meitan green buds in Xinyang, Henan
    MeitanCui YaYesgreen teaThe treasure in China is a very good tea.

How to brew Meitan Cuiya

The brewing method of Meitan Cuiya is also difficult to simple, and it is very characteristic, and has a good effect and effect.

It contains a lot of minerals such as potassium, calcium, magnesium, etc., which can help our body’s health and good health, and it has good supplementary nutrition.
How to brew Meitan Cuiya1. Prepare tea and utensilsFirst we have to prepareTea setas well astea, The other is that the water must be prepared.Only when the preparation work is done, our dishes can make better tea.We can choose to use tea setsTureenOr it is a glass cup, the water temperature is more than 80 degrees.    
2. Brewing processThen we can start brewing, we only need to pay attention to its time during the brewing process.Generally, one bubble is 30 seconds, the second kimchi is 60 seconds, and it can be brewed in two minutes at most.We can brew with confidence, just pour in just the right warm water, this is relatively simpleMake teaMethods.    
    3. Taste the soupMeitan Cui Ya is easy to make soup, usually when the brewing time is up, the soup can be sourced immediately.At the same time as the soup is out, we can observe its soup color very well, and then slowly and carefully to normalize its taste, which can also smell its smell very well, and it has a good taste and taste. It’s really delicious.Features of Meitan CuiyaThe characteristic of Meitan Cuiya is that the taste is very mellow and refreshing, the aftertaste is very sweet, it has a good leaf bottom, and the color of the soup is also very bright yellow-green.Judging from its appearance, it is very flat and smooth, shaped like sunflower seeds, has a very tangy aroma, has a very good fresh and a fragrant taste, and the taste is very good, a very distinctive one. Tea ceremony.

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