How to make hairy crab tea

How about the tea leaves online? How to make hairy crab tea
    Hairy Crab TeaIt is a kind of clone tea, mainly produced in Anxi Fumei.It is said that as early as the Guangxu period of the Qing Dynasty, hairy crab tea appeared, with extremely high yield and very good quality.

How to make hairy crab tea

Hairy crab tea is a shrub-type tea tree, which belongs to the middle-leaf type, with fat shoots and many white hairs on the back of the leaves.

If you want to drink pure hairy crab tea, the brewing method of hairy crab tea is very important.
How to make hairy crab tea1,Tea sets ChoiceGenerally usedTureenorPurple Clay TeapotTo make hairy crab tea, first use boiling water to warm the cup, so as to keep the tea set clean and hygienic, but also to increase the temperature of the tea set itself.After the tea set is blanched quickly, it must be thrown out.Then add about seven gramsteaPut it in the tea cup and you can smell the tea immediately.    
2,Make tea
Before you start making tea, you must firstWash tea, Use one hundred degrees of boiling water into the cup. It is advisable to just immerse the tea in the water. After half a minute, immediately pour out the tea.Then, I started to make tea, lifted the kettle, poured in about seven minutes full of water, and the soup was ready in about a minute.Hairy crab tea can be brewed seven or eight times in a row, and the second, third, and fourth teas are the most fragrant.    How to drink hairy crab tea1.Hairy crab tea must be drunk hot, too much will not have a good taste, and because the soaking time is too long,coffeeThe alkali has been completely integrated into the tea, and the tea soup will have a bit bitter taste.The amount of tea is also well controlled, not too much.
    2.Hairy crab tea can strengthen the heart and relieve spasm and has a diuretic effect. However, you can not drink it casually. Generally speaking, you can drink it once or twice a day. Drinking too much can easily lead to neurasthenia and cause insomnia.Infants, pregnant women, and breastfeeding women are best not to drink hairy crab tea, which will bring some adverse effects to the body.Patients with gastrointestinal ulcers are best not to drink hairy crab tea.

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