How to make oriental beauty tea

How to make Pu’er Tea Oriental Beauty Tea
    Oriental Beauty TeaListening to the name, you know that this kind of tea is very beautiful in appearance. Not only does it look good, its internal quality is also very high. The fragrance leaves behind the mouth, which is unforgettable.

How to make oriental beauty tea

Next, let’s introduce the brewing method of Oriental Beauty Tea.

How to brew Oriental Beauty Tea1,Tea setchooseA good tea must be equipped with a suitable tea set, so that the aroma and taste of the tea can be maximized.It is best to use a transparent glass or a white porcelain cup to make oriental beauty tea, so that we can watch and appreciate the dance of the oriental beauty tea in the water, and also enjoy the elegant fragrance of the tea.    
2. Water temperature controlNo matter what kind of tea it is, the water temperature must be mastered to be able to brew a good taste of tea.differenttea, The water temperature for making tea is different.To brew Oriental Beauty Tea, it is usually brewed with boiling water, so that the contents inside can be completely soaked, which is beneficial to stimulate the aroma of the tea.    
    3. The amount of teaTo make a good pot of tea, the amount of tea is also an extremely important part.The amount of tea poured directly affects the taste of the tea.If the amount of tea is too much, the tea soup may be too bitter, and the amount of tea poured is too small, and the tea soup appears to be light and tasteless.Generally, a 150ml glass cup can be used to brew three grams of Oriental Beauty Tea.
    4. Brewing methodPut the prepared oriental beauty tea into the tea cup and pour a small amount of boiling water into it.Then, pour it into boiling water again and soak for ten seconds to make the soup.When flushing, pay attention to slowly pouring water along the wall of the cup.
This is the end of how to make oriental beauty tea. Everyone should pay attention to the above-mentioned aspects, choose the right tea set and use water of the right temperature.Make teaJust do it.    

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