The efficacy and role of Lingtou Qilan

The efficacy and function of organic tea Lingtou Qilan
    Lingtou Chelan, Commonly known as Qiao Oolong, belongs toRock teaCategory, also known as the Central Red Army tea, nicknamed the natural mountain of red haircamellia, The Pearl River Delta area of ​​Guangdong Province is called Qilan (Note: non-Fujian Qilan tea). It is made from the sharp leaves of Qilan tea, and Lingtou produces the best quality.

The efficacy and role of Lingtou Qilan

Lingtou is located at the foot of Phoenix Mountain, with an altitude of more than 400 meters.

The flower gardens mostly use clonal sharp-leaf Qilan tea seedlings for planting and peanut bran cultivation. Camellia oleifera trees grow and develop luxuriantly, and tea greens contain rich and colorful aromatic chemicals.
Tea name: Lingtou QilanPrice quotation: 199-1999 yuanTea series:Green tea
    teaCharacteristics: The leaf body is rhombus-shaped and delicate but shinyTaste: scent and mellow, like bluegrass flavor Lingtou Qilan’s development historyAccording to historical records, in the Yongjia Rebellion, the clothes went south and the eight surnames entered Fujian, and then gradually spread to southern Fujian and eastern Guangdong.It is said that as soon as the Chinese Han people came to the hilly terrain where the work was transferred between Fujian and Guangdong, they found that the mountains were full of camellia trees. They judged that this is a rich and fertile farmland. It must be a beautiful environment and a good place for food, clothing, housing and transportation. So far, the locals have a unique attitude to the camellia trees. The emotions are based on.Qiao Oolong is proud to call it “Central Red Army Tea”. During the Anti-Japanese War, the Central Red Army led by Comrade Peng Dehuai was stationed in poverty-stricken areas in Raoping. The Qiao Oolong bubble hydrolyzed and reacted to hunger. Praise!“All teas are cold in nature. If you have a weak stomach, you should stop drinking. However, Wuyi tea is warm and does not hurt the liver. It is suitable for those who stop drinking tea.“——Qing·Zhao Xuemin, “Supplement to Compendium of Materia Medica”.    There is an ancient saying in the poverty-stricken areas of Fujian and Guangdong: “Canton comes out of pretty oolong, produced in FujianJin Junmei; Huangpao spring blisters, and the customer arrives with a smile.“The brewing method of Lingtou Qilan1. Pay attention to the brewing containerNow that you want to appreciate the good fragrance and wonderful charm of Lingtou Qilan tea, you also need to have unique and supporting tea utensils.It is best to use YixingPurple Clay TeapotOr smallTureen(Sancai Cup).For the cup, you should choose a very delicate white glaze large cup or a pair of cups composed of a smelling cup and a tasting cup.The pot should be a pot with a long history.People drink more tea and choose a large “Dehui pot”.
    2. The container and temperature must be high
    Brew teaFirst, pour the boiling water into the pot and blanch it for a while, and then heat the cup to raise the temperature of the container, so that the endoplasm of the soaked Lingtou Qilan tea can be fully displayed.
    3. Boil the tea water at 95℃—100℃Lu Yu, who was known as the tea saint in the Tang Dynasty, said that water has three boiling points: “It boils like fish-eyes mixed with beads, and micro-online listening to books is a boiling; the edge is like a spring and pearls, which is a second boiling; a floating drum is drifting, and it is a three boiling.“Boiling water can be old and tender.The boiling water is too tender, not strong enough, and the tea aroma is not enough.The three-boiled water is too old, because the CO2 and carbon dioxide gas in the water have evaporated and disappeared, and the soaked soup is not fresh and unpalatable.Only two boiling water is called “Deyitang”.“The sky is clear, and the earth is clear.”    4. Lingtou Qilan tea should be “revolved and sipped”Drink while brewing.Keep the brewing time well.If the brewing time is too long, the tea will lose its taste and become bitter.The brewing time is too short, the color is light and the taste is light and there is no rhyme.The time for making tea for the first time varies from 20 seconds to 2 minutes.After that, each bubble should be postponed for about 10-30 seconds.A good Lingtou Qilan tea has “seven teas with fragrance, nine teas without losing the true taste”.High-quality Lingtou Qilan tea can be brewed 12 times in one pot.
    The efficacy and role of Lingtou Qilan1. Anti-cancer
    TheanineIt can block the production of several carcinogens such as nitrous acid hinge in the body, and has the effect of immediately destroying tumor cells and enhancing the body’s resistance.
    2. Producing body fluid and quenching thirst are beneficial to urinationPretty oolongcoffeeBecause and aromatic chemicals are beneficial to clear the body of lactic acid bacteria, high uric acid (related to rheumatism), excessive salt (related to high blood pressure), harmful substances, etc., alleviate swelling caused by myocardial infarction or chronic nephritis.
    3. Relieve fatigueQiao Oolong can stimulate the central nervous system, strengthen the heartbeat, promote sweating, and facilitate urination, so as to achieve the actual effect of relieving fatigue; promoting body fluid to quench thirst, clearing away heat and detoxification: drinking rock tea in summer, polyphenol compounds and sugars in the tea , Carbohydrates, gum arabic, etc. can have the effects of quenching thirst and relieving heat; in addition, Qiao Oolong also has the effects of preventing caries, strengthening the stomach, digesting the intestines, promoting digestion, lowering blood lipids, and lowering blood lipids.
4. Lower blood lipidsAccording to scientific research, Qiao Oolong has the effect of avoiding and relieving blood lipids in aortic sclerosis.Eating Qiao Oolong can reduce blood viscosity, avoid blood cell aggregation, improve blood coagulation, improve blood circulation, and promote blood circulation.This is of great significance for avoiding capillary degeneration, thrombosis in capillaries and stasis in traditional Chinese medicine.In addition, the experiment of thrombus formation outside the body also shows that Qiao Oolong has the effect of inhibiting the formation of thrombus.    5. Delay agingAccording to physical experiments, under the condition of taking a certain amount of vitamin C orally every day, eating Qiao Oolong can keep the water content of vitamin C in the blood at a higher quality, and the amount of vitamin C excretion in the urine is small, and the anti-aging effect of vitamin C is early. It was confirmed by scientific research.Therefore, eating Qiao Oolong can improve the body’s ability to delay aging in all aspects.
    6. Skin care and beautyTheanine is a water-soluble chemical substance.Using it to wash the eyelids can eliminate the greasy feeling of the face, refine the pores, have the functions of disinfection and sterilization, anti-bacterial, anti-aging of the skin, and reduce the damage of the ultraviolet radiation source in the sun to the skin.The characteristics of Lingtou QilanLingtou Qilan’s finished products are long, thin and heavy, with small leaf stalks, narrow leaf shoulders, yellow-green color, bright black, and dark sand green. When brewing, the main veins of the petiole flashed slightly white, the leaf body was diamond-shaped but shiny, and the tea soup color was clear yellow or golden yellow.How to store Lingtou Qilan1. Vacuum pumping and nitrogen filling methodThe tea leaves are packed in a composite packaging bag made of aluminum platinum and plastic, and a disposable closed vacuum pump is used to vacuum and nitrogen-filled packaging for storage, and some preservatives can also be added appropriately.Once unsealed, it is best to use it up in a short period of time, otherwise it will mature and deteriorate over time.    2. Frozen storage preservation methodMany of these refrigerated storage methods do not require all preservatives, which are physical refrigeration. If the warehouse engineering building is effective, the storage temperature can be maintained at -4°C to 2°C without changing.However, the tea must be vacuum-preserved before entering and leaving the warehouse.Otherwise, the tea is exposed to air, because the external heat and cold meet, the water and CO2 will produce water vapor beads and solidify on the tea, which accelerates the deterioration of the tea.
    3. Canning methodCommonly used glass bottles with thermos or professional tea are excellent in blocking CO2 in the gas.Put the dry tea into the bottle, fill all the glass bottles as much as possible, and then squeeze all the gas in the bottle.Use the bottle cap to close the bottle stopper tightly, and use tape and white wax to seal the actual effect, which can prevent gas from entering the bottle to a greater extent and prevent the tea from being oxidized by air.
    4. Bagging methodThere are universal packaging bags and paper bags, which are the most common, simplest and most cost-effective way of storing tea in the home at this stage.However, you must pay attention to the whole process of application.Packaging bags must be used.Packaging bags with high density, high toughness, and strong airtightness are appropriate.The inner layer of the paper bag contains tin foil and tin foil.You can put the tea leaves in a paper bag, seal the mouth, and then put on a layer of packaging bag.

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