How much do British people like to drink tea?

The whole world knows that British people love to drink tea. If you ask a person which elements best represent Britain, it must be black tea except for the royal family, Big Ben, and Sherlock Holmes.

The British want tea for breakfast, tea for afternoon tea, and tea for high tea. In Downton Abbey, there is even a magical plot of drinking tea in the middle of the night to help you sleep.

I feel that for the British, there is nothing that can’t be solved by a cup of tea. If so, add milk, sugar, and lemon to the tea.

If it still can’t be solved, then this tea must be made in a microwave oven. (Can tea made without a kettle be called tea?)

So how much tea do British people like to drink?

They all drink in the tank when they fight, and they drink the freshly cooked in the tank.

According to the records of 1942 during World War II, among the bulk materials purchased by the British government, if sorted by weight, they are: bullets, tea, shells, bombs and other explosives.

Well, you don’t need to eat fish, fries, and tracks, but you must drink tea.

Tea is simply a strategic thing to them, and Prime Minister Churchill asked to ensure that every crew member on the warship is provided with enough tea.

When the Netherlands was occupied by Germany, the British way of condolences was: airdrop tea to the Dutch in the occupied area.

The UK’s worst move occurred in the latter part of World War II. The demand for freshly brewed tea from officers and soldiers was so urgent that the British equipped their tanks with a magical device: a boiling vessel.

A boilingvesselis a water heating system fitted to British armoured fighting vehicles that permits the crew to heat water and cook food by drawing power from the vehicle electrical supply. It is often referred to by crewmembers as the most important piece of equipment in a British armoured vehicle .

The boiler is a water-boiling device equipped in British armored vehicles. This device transfers electrical energy from the armored vehicles to allow soldiers to heat water and cook food. People in the army often say that the most important piece of equipment in the British armored vehicles at this time.

Most of the British Army’s armored vehicles are still equipped with this device.

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